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What’s Happening In Griffith? Gryphons Caffe Bar

by The Editor

As reported by The Canberra Times, brothers Dan and Drew Kenny (along with their third amigo Mark Whithear) are on the verge of replacing the recently closed All Bar Nun with a new venue in the leafy streets of Griffith. Those who’ve followed All Bar Nun for some time now will be intrigued to see what the boys have in store.

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Review: The Ginger Room at Old Parliament House

by The Editor

The Ginger Room

Remember two years ago when the whole Masterchef thing went ballistic, and it seemed every Australian was in front of the television at 7.30 every night?  If yours were two of the thousands of Canberra eyeballs glued to the screen in 2009, chances are you would have been subject to endless repetition of the budding romance between a young couple who seemed to spend every social moment in the Parliamentary Triangle.  It was the Ginger Catering advertising series, a campaign managing only to achieve the impossible of turning me off the idea of eating any sort food even though I was watching a cooking show.

It was therefore, with some trepidation, Little Spoon and I made our way around the back of Old Parliament House on a cold winter’s night to dine at the Ginger Room.  Located in the old Member’s Dining room, under the guiding hand of Janet Jeffs, the restaurant has been one of the slow burners of the Canberra dining scene since 2007.

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