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A dash of Soi: Canberra’s new noodle bar

by The Editor

Soi-Lady-BWWe’ve had all manner of street-food outlets pop up across Canberra. Somehow the humble noodle bar has escaped gentrification to some sort of higher form. That might have changed with the arrival of Sydney-based Soi Noodles throwing open its rather large doors to Canberrans last week, armed with a dash of Double Bay deliciousness. Read the rest of this entry »


Canberra Secrets: The Turkish Halal Pide House

by The Editor


Here at The Canberran, we’re more than a little partial to exploring the latest dining trends and trailing a targeted tastebud over recent wine releases.

However, sometimes all you need is a bit of comfort food – something that is fast and filling and great value – and there are few places in Canberra that do this any better than Yarralumla’s Halal Turkish Pide House. If you are a recent Canberran who is yet to discover local institution, you’re having it for dinner tonight.

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Burger Off? Burger Me? It’s the ‘Meat in a Pun’ Review

by The Editor

Burgers.  Seemingly, these stalwarts of the takeaway set follow a fairly simple set of rules: essentially meat and three veg (with a bit of sauce) wedged between a couple of bits of bread.  In recent times however, the idea of the humble burger as a meal of convenience has been transformed to something a little more ‘gourmet’.  To compare and contrast, The Canberran examined four of our fair city’s burger vendors  – two traditional sites and two of the new kids on the block.

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