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The Thursday Tipple: Purchasing Wine in the Capital

by The Vinsiders


On a recent visit to the Eden (South Coast) for a fishing expedition, we were reminded of how blessed Canberra now is when it comes to wine-purchasing options. Down ‘The Coast’, the only outlet to procure wine was tacked onto the side of a local bar, and the only options available were mass-produced, multi-region blended wine.

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Watching the queue at the Apple Store opening

by The Editor

1000 and the doors open. The staff have counted down from 10 and the throng piles in.

0958. With two minutes to go the doors open and the staff run a lap of the queue offering ‘high fives’ to the faithful.

0956. Four minutes to go. It must be sweet relief for those at the front of the queue who have been here since 0530.
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The Apple Falls Not Far From the Tree

by The Editor

Mac1 Canberra in a Previous Life

Updated: scroll below for a pre-opening photo of the new Apple Store

With only days to go until what Fairfax describes as the ‘most anticipated’ opening for the Apple Store in Canberra it is worth going beyond the hype of the impending arrival and instead pay tribute to the previous custodians of Canberra’s iGeek culture – Mac1.

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The Apple Store?

by The Editor

Update:  Well, it’s good to see The Canberran and its commentors forming an uncredited basis for Megan Doherty’s story that made the Technology section of the Sydney Morning Herald’s website this morning.

Where’s the love?

Well, between Nick, Nich0las and a couple of unnamed sources it appears we’ve managed to confirm a Zara outlet for the Canberra Centre.

So, with Apple advertising via their website for retail staff in Canberra, where will a new shiny glass store be located? We think Jono M hit the nail on the head.

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Rumours – Canberra Centre

by The Editor

Well, well, well… there are interesting moves at the Canberra Centre.

Thanks to a tip-off from our reliable source DB, it appears the biggest change since the launch of the Bunda Street extension is about to hit city’s shopping hub.  The Canberran recently ventured out with a camera phone to examine movements around the mall, and photograph the rumours’ ground zero.

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