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Drive-Through or Drive In? Dining at Space Kitchen

by The Editor



For many, the idea of dining in a car park is a foreign one. For others, it reeks of Melbourne-cool and appears urbane and edgy.

Well, while not quite underground, Space Kitchen has opened, and we were certainly intrigued to see who heads to Woden on a weekend for brunch in a car park.

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Have Lava, Will Travel: Coffee in Weston (and Phillip)

by Barrister Barista

J. Alfred Prufrock measured out his life in coffee spoons. This month, the Canberran measured out its life in coffee miles – travelling serious distances in the pursuit of the black + white beverage. We took Cotter Rd to Weston, and Yamba Drive to Phillip, to try out the apparently-so-hot-right-now Lava Espresso. And try it we did — once, twice, and a third time (for pictures).

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