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Mixing with the people at Hoi Polloi

by The Editor



Canberra was a funny place yesterday. On the 40th Anniversary of the Dismissal, our future king arrived in town to meet with the Prime Minister, who himself is the former Chair of the Australian Republican Movement.

Okay. So, that’s a tad awkward…

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Old Parliament House. Just Get Rid of it?

by The Editor

Old Parliament House

The last couple of days some discussion on the relevance (or otherwise) of Old Parliament House has gained some traction in local media.  For established Canberrans, it used to be known simply as Parliament House. Then, in the early 80s, work commenced on New Parliament House that eventually opened in May 1988.  Sometime after that, the new building became known as Parliament House, with its predecessor adopting the Old prefix some time in the 90s.

So, with the historical nomenclature covered, what should we now do with Old Parliament House?

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Get your Snouts in the Trough – It’s the Truffle Festival.

by The Editor

Well,  it’s that time of year again – where those musty, dirty little balls of fanciful fungus appear on the base of trees around the season, only to be hunted out by sharp-nosed pooches for the benefit of our butters, pastas or eggs.

While we will endeavour to cover a few of the events happening in the coming weeks, one of the highlights is Ginger Catering’s annual Truffle Lunch at Old Parliament House.

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