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In a Word: Secrets

by obalint


Canberra has secrets. I’d tell you what they are…but then I’d have to kill you. And I really don’t want to do that. Killing people is uncool. And it’s a hassle. Then you have to get The Wolf involved, and you don’t want to have to do that unless it’s absolutely necessary. Samuel L and Mr Travolta know all about that little dill-infused pickle.

Okay. You twisted my yellow-bellied, weak-willed arm. Come hither and I’ll tell you a few, and I won’t even kill you. Bonus!

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In a Word: Dawn

by obalint


Sparrow-fart. That’s a Bob’s-your-uncle term for the earliest time of the morning. It’s about the time when all the sparrows get up and let out a little fart signifying their awakening at the crack of dawn. How cute.

Like a murmuration of starlings signifying dawn’s exact and equal opposite: dusk. The murmur is a welcoming, reassuring finish to the day. They’re such stars. Are they also lings then too? An underling star. Just little stars with so much stellar capacity. A star in training. A starling.

What else?

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Walt & Burley Arrives at Kingston Foreshore

by The Editor


Well, it’s finally here. After 15 long years of Kingston Foreshore’s vision, we finally have the opening of Walt & Burley – a bar in such prime position down by the lake that you’ll wonder why it’s taken half a century to decide this is probably a good use of waterfront land.

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Farewell Foreshore… for sure?

by The Editor


Over the last couple of weeks, word was circulating that perhaps we’d seen the last of Foreshore. Surely Canberra’s favourite festival had a secure future thanks to a dedicated crowd that had repaid the dedication shown by the event’s organisers? Yesterday, perhaps the first nail in the coffin was delivered.

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Enlighten Festival 2013

by The Editor


February is a tricky month – January has whizzed by in a heady mix of barbeques and public holidays.  Suddenly, it’s February and, once you’ve finally got a handle on the year to come, you look at the calendar and think ERMAGHERD!!! I haven’t bought tickets to ENLIGHTEN!!!

For shame!

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The Longest Bubbly Bar – Centenary Eve on the Lake

by The Editor


Ainslie Griffith, senior marketing manager at Canberra 100, looked longingly out the window. She was enduring an endless brainstorming session on activities for next year; a whiteboard filled with coloured lines, boxes and scrawl recorded every detail of the ideas developed to date.

Ainslie sighed and glanced at her watch. It was now 4.15pm on a Friday, and all she could think of was that as soon as this meeting was over she would be able to get out into the sunshine and sink a couple of glasses of well-earned bubbly with her girlfriends.  Then, all of a sudden…


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Slip-sliding Away on Australia Day

by The Editor

Slip 'n' Slide 1

Australia Day, Invasion Day, Hottest 100 Day. Call it what you will, regardless it’s a great day to get a few friends together, crack some beers and tunes and have a bit of fun.

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Burley Griffin Regatta

by The Editor

Burley Griffin Regatta logo

In our minds, there is nothing more ridiculous in this city than the Canberra Yacht Club.  We can only imagine the conversations that occur at the salubrious Southern Cross Club as the sun sets over the West Basin.  “So old bean, how was the sail today?  Where did you go?

” ‘Twas a glorious affair.  By first light we were off on a grand tour that involved zigzagging from Scrivener Dam to Commonwealth Bridge.  Truly a marvellous adventure, and exactly the same as last week, the week before that, the week before that and the week before that.”

Rant aside, it’s hard to argue Lake Burley Griffin is not perfect for a rowing regatta.

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Remember the Time: Lake Burley Griffin in the 60’s

by The Editor

We need to thank Knightsbridge Penthouse – who, incidentally, are launching their Winter Cocktail Menu this weekend – for this one.  Courtesy of Film Australia this is a lovely little piece showing the development of Lake Burley Griffin.

It’s utterly charming, not just for the hairstyles and the presence of some fantastic hats.  If you’ve been around Canberra since the 1970’s, you’ll have great flashbacks when seeing an undisturbed Capital Hill.  Also, the gentle slope on the south side of the lake, completely uncompromised by brutalist architecture and the God-awful National Portrait Gallery, gives the impression the whole thing should be in sepia.

It’s a little long, but if you have the time do treat yourself to the entire film.  It makes you appreciate the Lake a whole lot more than we do. Imagine a time without pirate boats, fountains and fogs?  It seems another world, but one so intensely familiar.

Thanks, Knighty.  Enjoy, everyone!

Brodburger Is Back – Updated

by The Editor

Updated: We decided to head over to Brodburger around 7.00pm in order to beat the big dinner rush. It seems recent publicity around the re-opening of Canberra’s favourite burger joint meant we weren’t the only people interested.

7.15pm Looks like sales are going pretty well! Sixty people in the queue and around the same amount at tables.


8.10pm. We’ve made it through the front doors! A steady stream of burgers flow in the opposite direction towards a sea of ravenous eyes. There’s definitely a buzz around the place, and no-one seems too concerned about the length of the queue. As always for Brodburger customers, we’re all in this together.

8.39pm. After dealing with a pair of space cadets who somehow had failed to decide on what to eat over the previous 90 minutes, co-owner Joelle Bou-Jaoude and her sister Josie take our order. Joelle dosen”t know whether to laugh or cry – apparently it’s been like this since lunchtime. We retreat to the dining area with slightly sore legs.

8.55pm. There’s still a queue out the door, however Brodburger has run out of food. Jeolle takes their names and contact details are taken with the promise of some special treatment in the near future. Nice move!

Meanwhile, the waitresses are entertaining the customers. In the last ten minutes one has made her gold ring disappear and reappear, while Josie showed us she could lick her elbow. We certainly can’t criticise the impromptu entertainment. Joelle offers us some free drinks. Dinner, drinks and a show. Who would have thought?

9.36pm. 2 hours and 23 minutes after arriving, the behemoth known as the BrodDeluxe is in front of me.

The BrodDeluxe

Taking a bite it’s as good, if not better, than the caravan’s product. Even the bread is a highlight.

9.48pm. The meat sweats kick in, and I feel a food coma is not far away. Joelle asks if I’m happy, but her voice is barely an echo as my vision narrows to a tunnel. Damn, this is a tasty burger.

9.58pm. I’m out. I’ve already walked two laps of the dining area to make more room, but sadly I can eat no more of what I have missed for three months and craved for the last three hours. We thank all the staff and head out into the night.


Those who love Brodburger are used to a wait, but never three months. Finally, after petitions, numerous rumours and a deep concern the Inner South’s favourite little caravan may disappear for ever, today (March 27 2012) sees the rebirth of Brodburger at its new home at Canberra Glassworks. Hurrah!

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