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Mixing with the people at Hoi Polloi

by The Editor



Canberra was a funny place yesterday. On the 40th Anniversary of the Dismissal, our future king arrived in town to meet with the Prime Minister, who himself is the former Chair of the Australian Republican Movement.

Okay. So, that’s a tad awkward…

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Remember the Time: Lake Burley Griffin in the 60’s

by The Editor

We need to thank Knightsbridge Penthouse – who, incidentally, are launching their Winter Cocktail Menu this weekend – for this one.  Courtesy of Film Australia this is a lovely little piece showing the development of Lake Burley Griffin.

It’s utterly charming, not just for the hairstyles and the presence of some fantastic hats.  If you’ve been around Canberra since the 1970’s, you’ll have great flashbacks when seeing an undisturbed Capital Hill.  Also, the gentle slope on the south side of the lake, completely uncompromised by brutalist architecture and the God-awful National Portrait Gallery, gives the impression the whole thing should be in sepia.

It’s a little long, but if you have the time do treat yourself to the entire film.  It makes you appreciate the Lake a whole lot more than we do. Imagine a time without pirate boats, fountains and fogs?  It seems another world, but one so intensely familiar.

Thanks, Knighty.  Enjoy, everyone!