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Great. There’s a hotel at the airport.

by The Editor



It’s been a long time coming, but last Thursday a collection Canberrans were wined-and-dined the Grand Opening of the Canberra Vibe Hotel at the airport.

So, should Canberrans get excited about a hotel at the airport?

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Local Success at 2014 Good Food Awards

by The Editor

Well, the results are in, and once again Canberra restaurants have featured quite well in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Awards.

The big question is: Who will take this year’s hats? The old-skool crew, or Canberra’s latest slew of fresh faced outlets?

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Bad Dining: Ikea

by The Editor

Experience a taste of Sweden!
At IKEA we can satisfy all of your culinary needs! Come and eat our Swedish specialities, such as our iconic Swedish meatballs, or choose our local dishes at our restaurant, grab a quick coffee and cake in the cafe, have a hot dog in our bistro at the exit and even take home a taste of Sweden from our Swedish Food Market.

Is there a furniture shop more divisive than Ikea?  Perhaps you think they sell mass produced furniture made by Chinese kiddies around the world in an attempt to homogenise middle class living rooms from Tokyo to Timbuktu; or maybe you consider their products are inspired design bringing Scandinavian simplicity to the world at an affordable price.  Wherever you stand on the Swedish behemoth, you probably have never debated the culinary relevance of its food.

On a wintery Sunday, The Canberran visited Ikea, not for a 5 x 5 Expedit bookcase in black/brown, but rather to take on what is perhaps one of the most frightening prospects for lunchtime dining – the Ikea restaurant.

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The Qantas Club – Jetset or Jolimont? (Part IV)

by The Editor

Sydney – 0615 Friday

Usually one is grateful when a tailwind results in early arrival at the desired destination.  In this case, I felt hard done by, an early arrival meaning denial of an extra twenty minutes sleep on the flight from Darwin and being forced to add that time to my Sydney stopover.  Disembarking the Qantas Club is almost directly opposite the gate from which I have just emerged.  Without any hesitation I make my way towards the large, frameless glass sliding doors and scoot up the escalators in pre-dawn silence.

This is one of Qantas’ flagship lounges, situated as it is in the air transport hub of Australia.  A world city with visitors from all points of the compass, the international reputation of the company must exude from every pore of the space they occupy in Terminal 3.  One imagines, from a branding point of view, this is the place where Qantas must invest a lot of energy. Read the rest of this entry »

The Qantas Club – Jetset or Jolimont? (Part III)

by The Editor

Darwin – 0045 Friday

Much like the rest of Darwin, the airport’s Qantas Club seems to live by its own set of rules.  Take for example the opening hours – It seems there is no continuous three-hour period the facility is open, rather doing obscure sessions in the morning, during the afternoon and very late at night.  Due to poor scheduling in my diary, I had no choice but to fly back east on the horrendous 0145 flight via Sydney, a time and route that in every way prevents a traveller from any meaningful sleep.

It’s the middle of the dry season, so the airport is heaving, despite being almost one in the morning.  Stumbling through the perennially inefficient security process, I make my way up the escalator, past the hordes slumped on the blue vinyl benches and make a beeline for the Club, hidden in the corner almost so as not to attract any more attention than is necessary.  Good thing, too.  As soon as I make my way past reception I quickly realise, similar to the main lounge, this place is filled to the gills. Read the rest of this entry »

The Qantas Club – Jetset or Jolimont? (Part II)

by The Editor

Adelaide – 0730 Thursday

The 2005 redevelopment of Adelaide airport was a Godsend. The previous facility was so abject even Goulburn would have spurned it.  Given the concourse of the new building exists in two seemingly endless wings, finding the entrance to the lounges is easy, especially if one has packed binoculars.

Reception is much more traditional, with a pair of bright young things flashing teeth pearly enough to match their earrings.  Waving my membership card and ticket, I join the procession of suits and skirts making their way as quickly as possible from the ugg-boot catwalk that is the main concourse.

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Review: The Ginger Room at Old Parliament House

by The Editor

The Ginger Room

Remember two years ago when the whole Masterchef thing went ballistic, and it seemed every Australian was in front of the television at 7.30 every night?  If yours were two of the thousands of Canberra eyeballs glued to the screen in 2009, chances are you would have been subject to endless repetition of the budding romance between a young couple who seemed to spend every social moment in the Parliamentary Triangle.  It was the Ginger Catering advertising series, a campaign managing only to achieve the impossible of turning me off the idea of eating any sort food even though I was watching a cooking show.

It was therefore, with some trepidation, Little Spoon and I made our way around the back of Old Parliament House on a cold winter’s night to dine at the Ginger Room.  Located in the old Member’s Dining room, under the guiding hand of Janet Jeffs, the restaurant has been one of the slow burners of the Canberra dining scene since 2007.

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