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Ikea Opening Temporarily Places Canberra ‘On the Map’

by The Editor



It’s really big, it’s blue, and those from the Southside can drive over a new bridge to get there. Its Canberra’s Ikea Store.

Let’s be clear about this, there is almost nothing in this Ikea that separates it from other Ikea stores. Sure, there are some cool facts (the store is 25,000sqm in size, the dining room seats 380 people, there is over 1900 solar panels to run the entire operation during summer), but that’s kind of a footnote as to what is really going on here.

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‘The Inventor’ Takes the Stage on Night 2 of Fashfest

by The Editor


The National Convention Centre was running hot last night as the second series of Canberra collections took to the runway. Once again there was a wonderful variety of fashion on display – here is a quick rundown of what we saw and loved throughout the night.
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Dress Circle – Nathan

by The Editor

We  found Nathan outside the Vintage Love Show having a quick ciggie and break from his clothing stall. Nathan was travelling with the show. From afar we saw the green hair… then the tropical jacket… then the black suede shoes… and, as we got closer realised that every single item he wore was striking and seemed full of character.

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What’s Happening at HonkyTonks?

by The Editor

Quite a bit, it would appear.

Update (1.00pm Wednesday 14 March): The organisers have emailed to let us know a change of date has occurred since the original press release was distributed. It’s now Wednesday 21 March as advertised in the flyer below.


Wednesday 21 March sees the launch of a somewhat different project for the cheeky, little inner-city bar. Rather than just a venue for selling fine quality liquor, the lads have instigated with an eye to (we imagine) engaging local artists, brand developers and fashion designers to enhance the sartorial standards of the local citizens.

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How To: Make a Dress Out of a Shirt

by The Editor

This clip been on YouTube for a few months now, but if you haven’t come across this before, model and designer Irina Zvidrina takes a single men’s shirt and reinterprets it into some fabulous outfits.

Creative, clever and very wearable.  Enjoy!

Rant: The Fashion Circle

by The Editor

The Canberran was rather disgusted by a failed attempt a lunch to photograph some well-dressed lads and lasses on a perfectly fine Spring day.  An hour was spent circling the Inner City, but it seemed no one in Canberra could be bothered putting in any effort whatsoever.  As a result, this edition of Fashion Circle becomes a rant.  Let’s hope tomorrow bears at least some fruit – surely there is more than just Anneta, Alyce and Patrick to show us how it’s done.

So, in protest, I am featuring this red emergency phone.  Even though inanimate state, it appears to have put in more effort than half the population.

Fail, Canberra.  Fail.

Review: Two Before Ten Cafe

by The Editor

The drizzling rain made for a wet ride into the city. Somehow, I don’t think my arrival is going to be as elegant as The Canberran might have hoped. On this dreary winter morning I was in search of a recently revamped venue – Two Before Ten.

Formerly Enter Café, owner and operator Jarrod Deaton has tried to build on what was a fairly competent venue, this time offering a more bespoke feel with the help of passionate contributions from near and afar.

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Public Service Announcement (The Canberran on Tour)

by The Editor

Sighted in the bathrooms at Adelaide Airport.

Clearly designed for Taswegian émigrés: