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Where the Hell is a good breakfast in this town?

by The Editor



Going out for breakfast is something of a weekend indulgence. Rather than slinking from the bedroom to the kitchen, blearily throwing on a pot of coffee and scraping some butter across a piece of toast, we get buffed and polished and head out into the sun to for a coffee, juice and plate of recovery-food that will probably cost the best part of $30.00.

The problem is that what’s on offer isn’t very good.

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The Canberra Truffle Festival

by The Editor

French Black Truffles 4

Apparently truffles grow in France because the soil contains a lot of limestone, the summer gets up to around 35 degrees, they have sub-zero weather in the winter and there is very little rain. Sound familiar?

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The Handmade Fashion & Food Market

by The Editor


Oh, you Canberran’s – you’re a talented lot! When not curating catwalk-worthy outfits out of your home studios, you’re whipping up all manner of trinkets and artworks for sale in the always fabulous Handmade Store.

This weekend, it’s bigger and better for everyone as Canberra’s Kitchen Creators arrive en-masse for the bi-annual Handmade Fashion and Food Market – and it’s delicious!

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Lightning Review: Annabel Crabb’s Kitchen Cabinet

by The Editor


The Canberran prefers to stay away from politics, especially in these times of leadership uncertainty.  In fact, we’re so naiive when it comes to such things that for all we know, backbenchers are people who arrive late for dinner at Debacle.

It’s hard to resist though, when food and wine is served with a couple of lashings of familiar politicians, last night in the form of Annabel Crabb’s Kitchen Cabinet.  We couldn’t help but tune in and see what it was all about.

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