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A dash of Soi: Canberra’s new noodle bar

by The Editor

Soi-Lady-BWWe’ve had all manner of street-food outlets pop up across Canberra. Somehow the humble noodle bar has escaped gentrification to some sort of higher form. That might have changed with the arrival of Sydney-based Soi Noodles throwing open its rather large doors to Canberrans last week, armed with a dash of Double Bay deliciousness. Read the rest of this entry »


The Spring Food and Booze Round-up!

by The Editor


Spring has certainly sprung in Canberra, and as we stow away our gloves and scarves in exchange for dresses and shorts, it’s time to celebrate the best season of the year.

Warmer weather means its time to get out and about to explore some of Canberra’s new food and drink offerings. Here’s a quick round-up of what’s caught our eye in the bright



White Rabbit Cocktail Room
(now open)
Jolimont Centre, Northbourne Avenue
Canberra City

This is bar designed for a ‘what’ and not a ‘who’. That ‘what’ is Instagram. With an Alice in Wonderland theme, everything from the cakes to the cocktails to the fitout is pretty and perfect for phone photography. Nick Tuckwell has done a great job of refurbing the tired-but-well-oved Kremlin Bar into a new space that takes the city’s bars in a brand new direction.


What they’re saying:

Curiouser and curiouser…

What we’re thinking:

A welcome break from the previously blokey trend in Canberra bar design. Thank God there’s finally a new place to party in a frock and heels since Hippo went all ‘Baxter’s Inn’. It’s been a long two years…



(open 22 October)
16 Iluka Street

The owners of this new Asian experience speak of it as a vision. Given the months of planning and extensive refurbishment that has gone into the Narrabundah venue, we’re pretty pumped to see how the dream has become a reality.

XO-Interior-BWWhat they’re saying:

XO delivers an innovative, modern approach to traditional South East Asian cuisine that is grounded by a commitment to unpretentious, honest food.

What we’re thinking

This site in grungy Narrabundah has a proud history (Das Kapital, The Artisan). It would be great to see another venue re-invent the dynamic flavours of the region to our north. The big question is this: Can the outer-Inner South dish up another restaurant that is worth travelling to?



Highball-Express-Logo-BWHighball Express
(open late October – maybe?)
Melbourne Building, Alinga Street
Canberra City

First there was Molly. Now, Highball Express looks to introduce a brand new experience of a Cuban hacienda with big balconies and a light and breezy feel.

Highball-Interior-BWWhat they’re saying:

Cocktail bar in the heart of Canberra’s CBD with over 500 rums and a dedicated function space.

What we’re thinking:

The small and dark (Molly) is going big and bright (Highball) on the ‘difficult’ side of Northbourne Avenue. Last time, the boys put together a beautiful whiskey vault. This time we dream of a cigar section to match all of those rums.



Other rumours? How about a sports bar in Kingston? Mombassa seems to be getting a long-overdue makeover, and we hear that one of Canberra’s most experienced bar owners is heading to Lonsdale Street.

Stay tuned!

Rant: Bunda Street Redevelopment

by The Editor


Anyone who has been into the city during the last six months or so could not fail to notice the construction work at Bunda Street. What you may fail to notice is what the point of all this disruption is, given the result of the ongoing roadwork.

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Hippo Relaunch as… Hippo Co

by The Editor

Hippo Co

Attention hipsters! Leave your bicycles at the bottom of the stairs!

After thrilling Canberrans with the appearance of a beautiful, glass-walled balcony looking over Garema Place, it felt like only three minutes later the doors of Hippo were closed and a suprise refurbishment was underway. Now it’s back with a stripped-back look and a ‘Co’.

What gives?

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Dress Circle – Jade

by carlyjadedevine

Jade - Headshot

Meet Jade, the stunning legal secretary by day and the dancer, singer, DJ and handbag designer by night (and any other spare moment possible).

This girl has a schedule even a multi-tasker would struggle with and yet she manages to look ever so stylish while running to grab her morning pick-me-up coffee at Two Before Ten Café & Coffee Roasters before her busy day ahead.

When we spotted Jade she looked effortlessly chic donning bold red lips and a pair of nude Wittner heels, a stylish Witchery satin pencil skirt and  – our favourite – a colourful and cool patterned top from Sportsgirl. She loved her new bright blue iPhone case, and we agreed. It was the perfect accessory to go with a perfectly put together outfit.

Jade is one to watch. She is a talented gal whose handbag label, Jade Stone, about to launch with a bang, and already has a metre long pre-order list. Did someone say Australia’s Got Talent…? Perhaps you should keep a close eye on the television (the 16 second mark) if you want to see a familiar face!

Thanks Jade!


Mint Road Cafe and Dolce e Salato and Autolyse

by The Editor

Mint Rd logoYears after Silo had the Canberra bakery set pretty much sewn up, it appears a number of new players are moving into the cafe/bakery scene.  Be it with a focus on Italian cuisine, the sourcing of products from across the region, or classic French style, it appears there are plenty of options across the tree-lined avenues of Canberra for those seeking their daily bread.

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The Fast and the Flavoursome – Oishi Japanese

by The Editor

Back on the Eighties it was all big hair, PacMan and money, money, money. To counter the years of hedonism and indulgence Japanese food – especially sushi – became a worldwide hit as a healthy meal. We checked out the city’s newest offering – Oishi – to see what quick lunch was on offer.

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‘Sup? Oh, it’s a Hole-in-the-Wall!

by The Editor

'Sup SignageSup(?)

1. to take (liquid food, or any liquid) into the mouth in small quantities, as from a spoon or cup; sip. –

2. a greeting, an abbreviation of “What’s Up?” – Urban Dictionary

3. The city’s smallest cafe – The Canberran

There’s big plans for this little venue – and it all kicks off tomorrow.

Jamie’s Kitchen – Canberra’s Latest Vindication

by The Editor

Jamie's Italian

It’s a funny thing, Canberra’s retail ‘cringe’. The news of Jamie’s Italian opening in the Canberra Centre – among outlets such as Supre, Aldi and Roger David – got fingers-a-tweeting late yesterday afternoon. But, really…why?

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Get into Shorty’s – A mini-review

by The Editor

Shorty's Bar

On New Year’s Eve this year, staff and owners held a private party to farewell Milk and Honey after ten years on the corner of ‘Melbourne Lane’ and Bunda Street. Less than 90 days later, we’ve got Shorty’s.

So, what is it? Like John Travolta himself, is the site set for a renaissance?
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