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We’re back! Happy New Year to you all!

by The Editor


Well, what a wonderful feeling it is to be back behind the keyboard for another fun filled year of Canberra Festivities!  Finally, this week, Canberra feels to have emerged from its Christmas and New Year slumber.  The roads are busier, there’s a blockbuster on at the Gallery, and the Centenary of our fair city is only two months away.  With all that in mind we’ve been busy here at The Canberran, preening our feathers and preparing for what looks like a very big year.

Firstly, a ‘thank you’ is in order…

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Yacht Rock – Christmas Eve at Knightsbridge Penthouse

by The Editor

  Yacht Rock imageCome Christmas Eve, the crew of the good ship SS Knighty will again host their Yacht Rock Spectacular.  For those not accustomed to the smooth and sexy stylings of white man’s soul, here’s a snippet from a recent entry to the captain’s log:

It’s all about 10CC, The Doobie Brothers, America,  Toto, Kenny Loggins, and the Beach Boys, with a hint of Fleetwood Mac and fair splash of Hall & Oates. It’s like a long, winding drive down the Clyde listening to 1053 2CA, a few buttons loose on the summer shirt, an arm dangling out the window, awaiting that summer breeze to hit you.

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Mondayitis Cabaret – XXXmas at The Abbey

by The Editor

Lily Vice by Ben Appleton (

So, it’s that time of year where we have to ask if you’ve been have you been naughty or nice.  In keeping with this theme, Mondayitis Cabaret is hosting an evening of Burlesque at The Abbey (yes, tantalising teases in an old church – naughty and nice!), and the beauty is that, as well as being a lot of fun, this now regular event will be raising funds for a good cause.

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Christmas in July (and a ‘Turducken’ in a Pear Tree)

by The Editor

This weekend will see many Canberran’s take advantage of the chilly weather by throwing open the oven, adding meat and veggies and waiting for it all to bake. While we are blessed with hot summer days allowing for sumptuous seafood spreads across outside tables, the opportunity to huddle inside with a few bottles of red and enjoy a feast of comfort food for a faux Christmas Day was simply too good to pass up.

The purchase.

We found a cold Saturday night the perfect excuse to finally try a Turducken. In fact, thanks to Gino D’Ambrosio from Eco Meats, we were about to feast upon a QUAIL shoved into a Chicken shoved into a DUCK shoved into a TURKEY. Surely this couldn’t be bad for us?

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We’re Back!

by The Editor

It’s been a couple of weeks of pre-Christmas chaos, but we’re back ar the keyboard with a stack of reviews to set you up for the remainder of the Silly Season and the Summer beyond.

See you soon!

Public Service Announcement: Blatent Self-promotion (not us!)

by The Editor

As we are sure you’re all aware, there are only 40 days until Christmas.  Can you feel the panic as you examine your list of presents yet to be bought?  The Canberran certainly can and, with less than six weeks to go, we are looking for local retailers with a product or service they are looking to promote as the silly season ramps up for 2011.

Regardless of whether it is designer shoes or hiking boots, boot-camp or spray tans, spray paint or fine art just let us know.  We’ll feature your product or service as our present to you.  Email with your details.  Happy (impending) Christmas!

– Ed.