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Rant: The Department of In-House Hospitality

by The Editor

Blend 43

Office perks: Customs’ $9K coffee machine spend

…screamed The Canberra Times’ headline yesterday (Monday 18 March 2013), taking a well-earned break from putting the boot into the Centenary. ERMAGHERD!!! How could such a thing be justified?

Well, the fact Customs spent all this money to entertain guests – especially when they are located in the middle of nowhere in rural Victoria (yes, even further than Brindabella Park) – in a day where a couple of scoops from the 5kg Blend 43 tin probably no longer cuts it, is hardly a sensation… is it?

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The Canberra Times Top 20 Restaurants 2012

by The Editor

The Canberra Times - AubergineKristen Lawson, editor of the Canberra Times’ Food and Wine section has nominated her top 20 Canberra Restaurants for 2012.  It’s a good list, compiling scores over the year and tweaking them slightly in order to create a true representation of where the restaurants compared to each other.  Some will cheer, some will moan, but few can doubt the Canberra dining has reached a high not seen since for almost a decade.

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