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Walt & Burley Arrives at Kingston Foreshore

by The Editor


Well, it’s finally here. After 15 long years of Kingston Foreshore’s vision, we finally have the opening of Walt & Burley – a bar in such prime position down by the lake that you’ll wonder why it’s taken half a century to decide this is probably a good use of waterfront land.

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Everything Old is New Again – Debacle

by The Editor

Debacle Logo

Debacle is dead!  Long live Debacle!

Like any good dynasty –  such as the Windsors, the Kims or The Phantom – it takes a good death to refresh the family lineage.  It was therefore with some sorrow but a healthy dose of anticipation that on 23 February we bade farewell to Debacle at its old site north on Lonsdale Street.

So, where to next?

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The 2013 National Multicultural Festival – “Okrzyki!”

by The Editor

Multicultural Festival Logo

We’ve already started doing an extra km or two on the treadmill in preparation for the indulgent weekend that is the National Multicultural Festival! As the makeshift stalls are constructed around Civic with scaffolding and tarp, all we can think of is the different types of beer and satays from countries around the world…

The weekend is a celebration and sharing of cultures through traditions, dance, food, performances, exhibitions, concerts and information; and highlights Canberra’s diverse community. The festival includes more than community groups, diplomatic missions and local businesses who participate in the event. It’s an opportunity for Canberra to highlight the multicultural society and promote the 100 embassies and high commissions from over 170 countries that are based here.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Opening concert on Friday night—featuring a performance by Face of the Festival Kate Ceberano
  • Food and dance spectacular on Saturday night
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations—watch the traditional lion dancing and celebrate the year of the snake!
  • Pacific Island Showcase—check out the various dance groups, DJ’s and brands.

Last year, we selected The Netherlands as the country to throw our highly-local weight behind.  With tulips, clogs and Poffertjes Dutch Pancakes it was well worth the effort.  This year, though – we’ve made our way slightly east…

The Polish Flag: Even less interesting in monochrome

The Polish Flag: Even less interesting in monochrome

…to Poland!

You can’t resist a country where it’s acceptable to have a shot of vodka for breakfast to warm up! Famous for Chopin, Copernicus, Marie Curie, Poland has 17 Nobel Prize winners including four Peace Prizes and five in Literature. And did we mention vodka…

Queen Maria Theresa V of Bohemia

Poland is at the centre of Europe and shares borders with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Russia and Lithuania. The Polish community has strong values and although traditionally conservative  progressively  accepting and modern – it’s the first European country to elect a transsexual MP and the second transgender MP in European history!

So what kind of food can we expect from the Polish stall? Influenced by the surrounding countries the cuisine is rich in meat, winter vegetables and spices with lots of heart dishes. We are expecting a feast! Perhaps some pierogi with some bigos on the side….

First Sitting of the 2013 Polish National Assembly

First Sitting of the 2013 Polish National Assembly

Last year was one of Canberra’s biggest events with over 250,000 people attending over the three days. So come along and enjoy the weekend. We look forward to seeing you wondering around Garema Place on Civic with a sangria, a curry and some wasabi gelati in hand!

2013 National Multicultural Festival
Friday 8 to Sunday 10 February
Garema Place, Canberra City

To find out more information check the National Multicultural Festival website

or Poland!

Public Bar – Revisited

by The Editor

Back in November, we were excited by the removal of the large hoardings that kept the new Public Bar obscured from prying eyes.  On one of the most prominent sites on the Southside, it was always going to set hopes high.  We liked it, but felt overcharged by a venue effetively facing a service station.

Having been informed prices had been lowered and the menu revised, it was certainly worth another visit.  On a cloudy mid-April day we returned, tempted by the idea of a pie.

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The Weekend: Canberra Craft Beer Festival

by The Editor

For the fifth year running, the Mecure Hotel in Ainslie (you probably knew it as Olim’s) hosts the Canberra Craft Beer Festival (you probably knew it as The National Capital Craft Beer Festival.  Confused yet?).  It’s a weekend of boutique tipples in the autumn sun where not a VB or Tooheys New will be in sight.  Sounds quite appealing doesn’t it?

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What’s Happening In Griffith? Gryphons Caffe Bar

by The Editor

As reported by The Canberra Times, brothers Dan and Drew Kenny (along with their third amigo Mark Whithear) are on the verge of replacing the recently closed All Bar Nun with a new venue in the leafy streets of Griffith. Those who’ve followed All Bar Nun for some time now will be intrigued to see what the boys have in store.

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