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Great. There’s a hotel at the airport.

by The Editor



It’s been a long time coming, but last Thursday a collection Canberrans were wined-and-dined the Grand Opening of the Canberra Vibe Hotel at the airport.

So, should Canberrans get excited about a hotel at the airport?

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The Argument Against Uber

by The Editor


Today, Canberra’s taxi drivers went on strike to protest the potential arrival of the richest enfant terrible, Uber.

So who’s side are you on?

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In a word: bike

by obalint


There is nothing quite like the feeling of freedom. It’s a most liberating state of being. Like when you finish your final uni exam (School’s out for summer!) or when you’re alone in the house and it dawns on you that, yes, yes you can walk around naked (booyah!) or, I imagine, when the children leave the nest and you can finally convert their rooms into a man cave or sewing room or meth lab…wait, what?

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Friday Happy-Hour. How Much for a Tram?

by The Editor


Trams. They sounded like a good idea, didn’t they? Melbourne has trams, and Melbourne is cool; ergo, get trams in Canberra and watch the pop-up bars and an alleyway culture materialise before your very eyes.


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Australian Wines Come to Canberra

by The Editor

Coonawarra Vignerons

Well, It’s certainly an exciting time to be a wine lover in the nation’s capital. Over the next month or two there are a couple of road shows heading through town to tempt the local tastebuds.

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Suburban Profile: Scullin

by The Editor

Up until last Weekend, the Canberran couldn’t have told you whether Scullin was actually a suburb, much less point it out on the map. So, rather than just Googling it, we decided to take things a couple of steps further by grabbing the Gregory’s (remember those?) and taking a roadtrip.

So, having spent some time wandering the hills of Scullin and marvelling at the amount of broken cars parked in front yards, here it is:  Everything-You-Needed-to-Know-About-Scullin-but-Obviously-Never-Asked.

Download: Scullin Infographic – The Canberran

The Canberran on Tour: Melbourne Report

by The Editor

The Canberran spent the weekend wandering the streets of Melbourne in search of delicious tidbits for the eyes and for the palate.

We spent most of our time in the city, dodging trams and taking in the Hipster fashions.  Never in our lives have we seen so many young men wearing bow ties and prescription free glasses.  You know your movement has gone mainstream when, for eight bucks at Cotton On in Bourke Street, you csn pick up a pair of these:


Still, your correspondent was dedicated to the cause.  Check out the highlights after the jump.

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Snacks at Cumulus Inc.

by The Editor

A delicious plate of charcuterie, accompanied by a German Pinot Gris.



Public Service Announcement (The Canberran on Tour)

by The Editor

Sighted in the bathrooms at Adelaide Airport.

Clearly designed for Taswegian émigrés:

The Qantas Club – Jetset or Jolimont? (Part IV)

by The Editor

Sydney – 0615 Friday

Usually one is grateful when a tailwind results in early arrival at the desired destination.  In this case, I felt hard done by, an early arrival meaning denial of an extra twenty minutes sleep on the flight from Darwin and being forced to add that time to my Sydney stopover.  Disembarking the Qantas Club is almost directly opposite the gate from which I have just emerged.  Without any hesitation I make my way towards the large, frameless glass sliding doors and scoot up the escalators in pre-dawn silence.

This is one of Qantas’ flagship lounges, situated as it is in the air transport hub of Australia.  A world city with visitors from all points of the compass, the international reputation of the company must exude from every pore of the space they occupy in Terminal 3.  One imagines, from a branding point of view, this is the place where Qantas must invest a lot of energy. Read the rest of this entry »