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Ikea Opening Temporarily Places Canberra ‘On the Map’

by The Editor



It’s really big, it’s blue, and those from the Southside can drive over a new bridge to get there. Its Canberra’s Ikea Store.

Let’s be clear about this, there is almost nothing in this Ikea that separates it from other Ikea stores. Sure, there are some cool facts (the store is 25,000sqm in size, the dining room seats 380 people, there is over 1900 solar panels to run the entire operation during summer), but that’s kind of a footnote as to what is really going on here.

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Design Canberra – The subtle propaganda that makes our city great.

by The Editor



At The Canberran we celebrate great design. We love the new Vibe hotel at the airport, and the gorgeous sweep of the Bowen Place Underpass. But sometimes we meander through life aimlessly, almost unconsciously … without even thinking about how our world is so enriched by others. So who are these people?

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Likely Lads Bring a New Wine Label to Canberra

by The Editor


Okay. Here’s a challenge.

We want you to name as many Canberra wine labels as you can. Go on. Have a think about it and see how many you can come up with before your scroll down into this article.

(Oh, and… yes. This is a trick question)

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In a Word: Traffic

by obalint


“Canberra doesn’t have traffic.”

Bold statement. But one that gets more promotion than Pippa Middleton’s derriere. The city’s architect designed grand boulevards and ample space, low population and rambunctious roundabouts certainly afford Canberrans the unique luxury of having minimal traffic. But I wouldn’t say there’s no traffic. And there’s been a steady increase in recent years…

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Mount Majura Vineyard absolutely kills it in 2016 Wine Companion

by The Editor

Mount Majura Logo

Canberra’s wine scene continues to go from strength-to-strength with one of our personal favourites, Mount Majura Vineyard, recently being recognised for an amazing vintage. They’ve got some delicious news about their recent efforts.
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Canberra bands are killing it

by The Editor



Over the last couple of weeks, the increasingly talented Canberra music scene has released some great singles and a couple of cool clips to go with their latest singles. There’s been so much goodness to wrap our ears around!

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It’s a Cheeky Business – Tuffys&Tuffetts

by The Editor


It’s a cheeky business taking care of Aussie bums. So many shapes, sizes and, well, we likely don’t need to say much more. Or do we?

Tuffys&Tuffetts is going to be on the catwalk at FASHFEST 2014 to prove they can cover all the bases, with the latest trends, styles and fabrics in 100% Aussie-made undies for women and men  …  of the ‘highest form, fit and function’ according to owner Lisa Nouh.

Does this sound like a bum steer?

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Dress Circle – Ben

by The Editor


When we spotted Ben grabbing a coffee at Harvest, the first thing we noticed about his outfit were his dark grey suede brogues with brown detailing. They completed his look which had an overall preppy – yet effortlessly cool – charm about it. Friday was casual day in the office for Ben so he wore a pair of cuffed denim jeans, a smart-yet-casual shirt and a buttoned cardigan.

Ben also loved his brogues. He picked them up in Paris on his travels through Europe. Amaze! Luckily for us the busy lawyer seemed very laid back about this outfit, with a kind of I-just-threw-this-on, what’s-the-fuss?’ attitude, and was more than happy to pose for the camera.

Thanks Ben.


We’re always keeping my eyes peeled for fashion forward guys and gals. So, for your chance to get snapped by The Canberran get out and about in style!

Slipper Gate – A Vinsiders Investigation

by The Vinsiders

Recently, there has been some well-publicised controversy surrounding Sunshine Coast MP Peter Slipper. It’s been alleged that Mr Slipper used a Cabcharge to visit a number of wineries within the Canberra region.

With so many competing stories, it’s difficult to establish the facts and make sense of Mr Slipper’s actions. So, while the police, courts and public opinion do their best to ascertain the innocence or guilt of Mr Slipper’s alleged taxpayer-funded jaunt, the Vinsiders decided to undertake their own investigation and follow the trail of the Golden Slipper!

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A Couple of Canberrans on the World Stage

by The Editor

Boat Dress

Over the last 24 hours we’ve caught sight of a couple of Canberrans who are making waves in Europe and China. In our Centenary year, where we look inwards to celebrate the best of our city, let’s have a look at a couple of people who are spreading the word far and wide.

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