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Canberra’s Coffee Culture Goes Global

by The Editor


It’s no secret that Australians love their coffee. So embedded are we that sometimes we forget just how differently we treat the roasted brew compared to other English-speaking countries. This was highlighted recently on the BBC and, in particular, in regard to what’s happening here in Canberra.

But more about that in a moment…

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In a word: bike

by obalint


There is nothing quite like the feeling of freedom. It’s a most liberating state of being. Like when you finish your final uni exam (School’s out for summer!) or when you’re alone in the house and it dawns on you that, yes, yes you can walk around naked (booyah!) or, I imagine, when the children leave the nest and you can finally convert their rooms into a man cave or sewing room or meth lab…wait, what?

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The Canberra Truffle Festival

by The Editor

French Black Truffles 4

Apparently truffles grow in France because the soil contains a lot of limestone, the summer gets up to around 35 degrees, they have sub-zero weather in the winter and there is very little rain. Sound familiar?

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Miss Kitka’s Burlesque School

by The Editor

We’ve been fans of Miss Kitka for a long time, especially the annual Burlesque Bazaar and Kitten of the Year competition.

Now, rather than being a passive observers of various shows and competitions, an opportunity has opened for all those intrigued by the idea of burlesque to step out of their comfort zones, have a bit of fun and give their self confidence a boost.

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Toasted Sandwiches – Part II

by The Editor

Following our taste of what was the most delicious and indulgent toasted sandwich we had ever laid tastebuds on, The Canberran made good on the promise to attempt Heston Blumenthal’s ‘Ultimate Cheese Toastie’ from the new cookbook At Home.

The key ingredients for this outrageous snack include comte and gruyere cheese, an onion compote with smoked bacon, wine lemon juice (!) and a square kitchen sponge.  This was certainly going to interesting.  Whether it would be delicious was a question that remained to be answered.

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How To: Make a Dress Out of a Shirt

by The Editor

This clip been on YouTube for a few months now, but if you haven’t come across this before, model and designer Irina Zvidrina takes a single men’s shirt and reinterprets it into some fabulous outfits.

Creative, clever and very wearable.  Enjoy!