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Peaking on Adventure Gear

by The Editor

Mont-1-BWMont. ‘Mountain’ in French. Correct?

Not necessarily so.

In our darling capital it’s short for Andrew ‘Monty’ Montgomery, who started an adventure gear label 33 years ago that remains fiercely independent in a world where bigger operations gobble up smaller ones, and that’s just for entree.

Mont Adventure Equipment is homegrown. Yes homegrown. Today it runs a national operation and has international fans too.

This year, for the second time, Mont will be on the catwalk at Fashfest. You’ve got to be kidding? What does adventure gear have to do with fashion? And a red-carpet fashion event at that?

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It’s a Cheeky Business – Tuffys&Tuffetts

by The Editor


It’s a cheeky business taking care of Aussie bums. So many shapes, sizes and, well, we likely don’t need to say much more. Or do we?

Tuffys&Tuffetts is going to be on the catwalk at FASHFEST 2014 to prove they can cover all the bases, with the latest trends, styles and fabrics in 100% Aussie-made undies for women and men  …  of the ‘highest form, fit and function’ according to owner Lisa Nouh.

Does this sound like a bum steer?

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Fashion for Men—From One Spectrum to Another

by The Editor

FashFest F

You couldn’t get more extreme if you tried. Seriously. You couldn’t.

We’re talking about the lineup of designers of men’s clothing who will showcase new collections at this year’s FASHFEST, no doubt the biggest fashion event on this year’s social calendar in our darling capital.

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FASHFEST: Kicking Fashion Butt with New Designers

by The Editor

FashFest LogoThere’s less than a month to go. Less than a month before FASHFEST fever soars to an all-time high on opening night.

Kicking fashion butt this year is a line-up of new designers whose aesthetics cover every genre of the fascinating world of fashion. It’s an eclectic mix of emerging and established talent, all with a connection to the nation’s capital.

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Fashion-forward Canberra

by The Editor


It’s said that innovation happens at the edge of industry. This is certainly true of Canberra.

Being on the edge of major centres like Sydney and Melbourne, we’ve truly come into our own as a thriving mini-metropolis—an inspirational place exploding with eclectic, imaginative minds. These minds are bursting with creative ideas and fuelling amazing stuff in our nation’s tiny capital. If you’re still wondering if we’ve got what it takes, you simply don’t get out enough.

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Biretta & Busby – Magnificient Millinery

by The Editor


Recently, we came across yet another great Canberra milliner, Rebecca O’Reilly, who is preparing for a big Spring season.  We were intrigued to know the inspiration of the Biretta & Busby designer, so asked a few questions to learn where she started, what inspires and where to from here.

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Dress Circle – Ben

by The Editor


When we spotted Ben grabbing a coffee at Harvest, the first thing we noticed about his outfit were his dark grey suede brogues with brown detailing. They completed his look which had an overall preppy – yet effortlessly cool – charm about it. Friday was casual day in the office for Ben so he wore a pair of cuffed denim jeans, a smart-yet-casual shirt and a buttoned cardigan.

Ben also loved his brogues. He picked them up in Paris on his travels through Europe. Amaze! Luckily for us the busy lawyer seemed very laid back about this outfit, with a kind of I-just-threw-this-on, what’s-the-fuss?’ attitude, and was more than happy to pose for the camera.

Thanks Ben.


We’re always keeping my eyes peeled for fashion forward guys and gals. So, for your chance to get snapped by The Canberran get out and about in style!

Frieda Rome – Online Store Launch

by The Editor

Freida Rome Logo

It’s been a big year for Canberra fashion.  After Fashfest did so well to spread the word of local designers, a slew of collections have appeared in-store and online, and more!

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Dress Circle – Jade

by carlyjadedevine

Jade - Headshot

Meet Jade, the stunning legal secretary by day and the dancer, singer, DJ and handbag designer by night (and any other spare moment possible).

This girl has a schedule even a multi-tasker would struggle with and yet she manages to look ever so stylish while running to grab her morning pick-me-up coffee at Two Before Ten Café & Coffee Roasters before her busy day ahead.

When we spotted Jade she looked effortlessly chic donning bold red lips and a pair of nude Wittner heels, a stylish Witchery satin pencil skirt and  – our favourite – a colourful and cool patterned top from Sportsgirl. She loved her new bright blue iPhone case, and we agreed. It was the perfect accessory to go with a perfectly put together outfit.

Jade is one to watch. She is a talented gal whose handbag label, Jade Stone, about to launch with a bang, and already has a metre long pre-order list. Did someone say Australia’s Got Talent…? Perhaps you should keep a close eye on the television (the 16 second mark) if you want to see a familiar face!

Thanks Jade!


Help from the Underground 2013 – Wrap up

by The Editor


In a cold winter’s night in June last year, around 500 people shuffled in to a Southside carpark to check out a quickly thrown together event featuring local fashion designers showing off clothes from the Vinnies op-shop.

Huh? What?

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