About The Canberran


The Canberran is everyone and no one. The Canberran is male, female, straight and gay. Aged between 18 and 50, The Canberran is standing beside you at the bar waiting for a martini, on the other side of the gallery admiring the canvas on the wall, and eyeing off that pair of shoes you’re tempted to buy.

The Canberran loves this city, supports this city and demands the very best of this city. The standards are high but, in such a wealthy socio-economic, highly educated and transient population, nothing else should be expected.

The Canberran may be a snob, but is a little bit of all of us. Everyone has their own love, passion and desire. The Canberran taps into these aspirations and gives them a voice. Your voice. Canberra’s voice.

A votre sante !