A dash of Soi: Canberra’s new noodle bar

by The Editor

Soi-Lady-BWWe’ve had all manner of street-food outlets pop up across Canberra. Somehow the humble noodle bar has escaped gentrification to some sort of higher form. That might have changed with the arrival of Sydney-based Soi Noodles throwing open its rather large doors to Canberrans last week, armed with a dash of Double Bay deliciousness.


Anyone who can remember the 90s would recall a range of small noodle bars across Canberra. Hell, there was even one adjacent to Manuka’s La Grange nightclub, which certainly made for an interesting alternative to Art Oven’s Feta & Spinach Triangles after a big night on Franklin Street.


Soi Noodle Bar is a bit different. Actually, it’s a lot different… with an inner city location occupying a large dining space and a fresh and funky approach to both interior design and the flavours of the food.


First-timers will be a little intimidated when first approaching the counter. The large overhanging menus offer what seems to be a dizzying display of options and ingredients. The uninitiated shouldn’t be too concerned, though, there are only three decisions you need to make:

  1. What noodle do you like?
  2. Do you want it spicy?
  3. What protein, if any, will you have?


Once you’ve decided those things (in no particular order) the rest is purely decoration. Let your creative juices flow and enjoy the sense of freedom that designing your own bowl of steaming noodles brings.

The servings are generous, but not overwhelming. A bowl of noodles ($14.00 – $17.00) and a drink makes for a great lunch on the run. When we arrived just on 12.00pm and it took only five minutes for our lunch to arrive. Perfect.


If noodles aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other dishes to try. Spicy tofu topped with eggplant and miso? Cod with black rice? Slow cooked Lamb with Teriyaki sauce? It all looks pretty good.

Just get in there and enjoy it!


Soi Noodle Bar
Canberra Centre
Bunda Street, Civic

(not live at time of publishing)

Open seven days