Great. There’s a hotel at the airport.

by The Editor



It’s been a long time coming, but last Thursday a collection Canberrans were wined-and-dined the Grand Opening of the Canberra Vibe Hotel at the airport.

So, should Canberrans get excited about a hotel at the airport?


The Guggenheim Museum, New York

Some may (rightly) think that accommodation at the airport is nothing to get excited about, however what we love is the fact that Vibe has put a stunning piece of architecture at the very start of the gateway to the city.

The sweeping curve of the building’s exterior is glorious. The heavy use of gold could easily have come off as tacky, however the architects involved, Bates Smart, have created a great balance between dazzling and the demure. It’s just the latest in a range of high-profile projects for the exciting company, who have also recently completed the interior for Heston Blumenthal’s Melbourne eateries, The Fat Duck and Dinner.



Canberra Vibe Hotel

Upon entry, it’s almost impossible not to stop and stare mouth-agape and the soaring and dramatic interior It sound like we’re overstating this, but we’re not. You only have to grab a seat and watch for a few minutes to see someone else do exactly the same as they enter from the outside. Those who have visited Frank Lloyd Wright’ Guggenheim in New York will immediately recognise the influence.



The Guggenheim Museum, New York

Interestingly, when entering the rooms, the artworks in each of the works are by Ginette Snow, who owns the airport with her husband, Terry. The photos are taken from around Lake Eyre and, in keeping with Ginette’s style, showcase the stark and dramatic forms that constitute much of Australia’s landscape. You can see some of her work here.



Canberra Vibe Hotel

Outside of the stunning architecture and interior, Canberra’s award-winning Chef Mick Chatto is bringing his modern-Italian offerings to Helix Bar and Dining. With clever and creative offerings that tips a hat the the very best of Italian traditions, we certainly recommend you surprise your friends by suggesting a weekend lunch or dinner at the airport!


Canberra Vibe Hotel


We love Canberra Airport for its light and airy interior and investment in some impressive artworks, however the visual appeal of the rest of the buildings around it are less than inspiring. Canberra Vibe Hotel is a stunning addition, and one that’s not just for visitors to enjoy.