Canberra Secrets: The Turkish Halal Pide House

by The Editor


Here at The Canberran, we’re more than a little partial to exploring the latest dining trends and trailing a targeted tastebud over recent wine releases.

However, sometimes all you need is a bit of comfort food – something that is fast and filling and great value – and there are few places in Canberra that do this any better than Yarralumla’s Halal Turkish Pide House. If you are a recent Canberran who is yet to discover local institution, you’re having it for dinner tonight.

There’s no romance here. There’s no decoration. This is a 30 year old shopfront that cares little for ambiance. Rather, almost all the furniture from the interior has been removed to make room for the inevitable queue that appears every lunchtime and every evening.




Don’t be put off by that idea, though. This isn’t Brodburger with its oh-my-God-I’m-going-to-faint-with-hunger style of food delivery. This set-up is a lesson in efficiency, so much so that you’ll probably feel nervous of causing a delay should you even stutter your order.

Don’t panic. Just go with the flow.

While standing in that line your eyes will be inevitably drawn to the large red menu that hangs over the open kitchen. Here. A dizzying array of options are available – mostly involving their incredibly delicious pide (pronounced pee-DAY – not PIED). However, most people make the pilgrimage to the leafy streets of Yarralumla are here for the kebabs.




Here’s a tip – make sure that you’re hungry. One of these bad-boys can weigh in around 800g to a kilo.

It’s a pretty simply offering. Chicken or lamb for $10.50 if you’re into meat. Felafel or kabak (zucchini) at $9.50 (zucchini) if you’re not. Pick one of the eight sauces on offer and there is no more to do other than eat among the throng for your rolled-up treat to appear from the grill.




Once you’ve received your prize, kick back outside and enjoy. Be a nice neighbour, though – those seats next door are reserved for the bakery, so if the Pide shop’s seats are all gone, find another place to tuck into your kebab.

Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, this is a great go-to when you can’t be bothered cooking dinner (meat, vegetables, a little bit if carbs!), but also makes for a great Saturday lunch.


Turkish Halal Pide House
45 Nova Street
6281 1991

9.00­ – 20.30
Seven days