Hooray for a Gay Airport!

by The Editor


Instagram: louisedenoon

Instagram: louisedenoon


In one to be filed under ‘Well, we weren’t expecting that!” Many Canberrans were impressed by an initiative of the Canberra Airport to promote the marriage equality debate.


This week, anyone driving in to the airport will be greeted with large letters in support of the hashtag campaign #WECANDOTHIS. Those who are queuing for taxis (or CommCars for politicians here for a week of sittings that include the introduction of another marriage equality bill) will see the departures flyover lit with rainbow colours to promote the campaign.

Here’s a rare splash of colour on TheCanberran.com (via Martin Ollman) to acknowledge the effort:

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“We are attempting to highlight the deep, positive and strong feelings of the vast majority of the community in support of equality,” Airport Managing Director Stephen Byron said.

“Equality of same sex relationships is an issue that is very important for Canberra Airport – not only because we believe that equality is an essential right for our whole community but also because it has a particular personal significance for our family.

“My brother, Tom Snow, and his husband were married last year in New Zealand with their children and our extended family as witnesses. It struck me at this time how ridiculous it is that my relationship, and my wife and children are afforded the protection and support of our government, yet Tom and his family are forced to travel overseas to get married.”

Despite the bill receiving cross party support, it’s unlikely this one will get up given the Prime Minister still refuses to grant his part a conscience vote on the issue.

Abbott, who has made his position against the campaign very clear, this is probably another fight with his conservative base that he just doesn’t need to have at the moment.