A Quick Look at Joe’s Bar

by The Editor


For a long time, the Southside has been lacking a great little wine bar to hide away and enjoy a tipple or two. As of this Friday, it looks as though that situation will be amended thanks to Joe’s Bar at East Hotel.


Most hotel bars tend to be cavernous, soulless spaces. Not so at East Hotel. If you’ve walked through the foyer of this award-winning hotel you’ll be familiar with the strong focus on design that runs through everything from staff uniforms to meeting rooms. That passion is well and truly on display at Joe’s.


The Bisa family, owners of East Hotel, has looked back to their origins near Venice in Italy. Names after their father, Joe’s Bar is a subtle nod to Italian design and cuisine without being as overt as, say, Palazzo Versace!


Rather, guests are treated to a contemporary space filled with rich, earthy tones, and a dazzling mix of metallic, fabrics, wood and concrete. As you settle into one of nooks or sit up at the bar to watch the various comings-and-goings of the venue, and try to spot the playful little games that designer Kellie Ross from The Gentry has included.


As for food, the focus is very much on antipasti, and the plates are designed to share and snack upon. There’s even a meat fridge next to the bar that is filled with delicious sausages and cured meats. This is a place to celebrate rich flavours and that feeling of comfort that family can bring.


Similarly, the wine list – developed by Canberra’s Fergus McGhie – has a strong focus on Italian wines. Many of the local examples ranged are reflective of the European style, however there are plenty of heavy-hitters that are sourced directly from Italy.


One of the more unique offerings is a range of 30 grappas. It will be fascinating to explore the flavours on offer, and learn some of the subtlety of well-produced spirits that will be a long way from the backyard versions you may have come across over the years.


Head over and check it out from Friday, and let us know what you though in the comments below.

Joe’s Bar
East Hotel
Giles Street Kingston (opposite The Kingo)
02 6178 0050