Friday Afternoon Shout: Speed Limits

by The Editor



Okay, it’s Friday afternoon, so time to get something off our chest with a good, old shouty-shout. Coincidentally, it’s something we’ve written about recently.

Yep. We’re back on roads. Strap yourself in.


Seriously… what the actual FRICK is with the new 40km/h zones that have suddenly sprouted up in the suburbs? The paternalistic hand of Canberra is back with a vengeance seemingly decreeing that driving at 50km/h was simply too much for people popping in to purchase a carton of milk after work.

We first came across this in Kingston. For those unfamiliar with this happy little precinct, it is almost impossible to drive more than about 20km/h thanks to the endless array of taxis and CommCars that crawl around the commercial perimeter scouring for a much sought-after park.

Christ, even Clive Palmer’s long-suffering Roller can barely make it to second gear when speeding him back from another hearty meal at China Plate.

Put all this together, and the revised speed limit seems almost aspirational. We particularly love the signage telling us it’s a High Pedestrian Area.


No kidding? Thanks. As if we couldn’t have worked that out ourselves given the constant parade of cross-fitters, cyclists and DFAT graduates wandering about with that self-satisfied look that makes you wants you run them over – if only you could build up the speed.

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how people can pretty much be left to make reasonable judgment calls without the need for endless signage and regulation. Again, it seems the good burghers of Civic Square are unable to trust us mere minions in operating a vehicle in the proximity of a suburban chemist without a paternal hand on our shoulder to guide us.

Just. In. Case.

Oh, and the other thing. Have a guess how many people have died in Kingston in the last 20 years having been run over by a car?

Yep. I dare say you’re right.