The Sweet, Sweet Sounds of FashFest

by The Editor

FashFest LogoThose who attended the inaugural year would have been amazed by the quality of the music from day one. We remember being particularly impressed by a lovely bunch of lads who took control of Night Two of Fashfest 2013, who are now very well-known across Australia: SAFIA.

This year will be no different. After two years in the very capable hands of Michael Liu, the Gentleman DJ himself, Ashley Feraude is stepping in as Musical Director, and is very excited about how the programme is shaping up for this year’s event. Naturally, we wondered what was in store…


Ashley Feraude


“As Fashfest has grown, so has the musical offering,” explains Feraude. “I’ve had a great opportunity to build on the successful lineups that Michael put together, but now expand it to match the scale of the show.”


SAFIA in 2013


It must be quite an opportunity to be able to showcase acts in front of a highly fashionable audience. Ashley laughs. “I suppose you’re right, but I don’t really think of it that way. I just see it as a great opportunity to promote Canberra musicians. We’ve had such an amazing run lately with Peking Duk and SAFIA getting such great exposure. Hopefully the ‘next big thing’ from Canberra is on this year’s Fashfest lineup.”

Canberra's Kayo Marbilus

Canberra’s Kayo Marbilus

With that, we wondered what was due to change this year. “It’s much more mood focused.” Explains Feraude. “We’ll be putting on one act before the show as guests mill around and have a drink at the bar. The main act will guide us through the catwalk displays – with the sound changing to match the work of each designer –  and then we’ll finish off with a bit of a party at the end. We really hope people will hang around this year, given we’re in the city rather than out at the airport!”


Melbourne’s Mel Jade


Haven’t bought your tickets yet? Well, get moving! VIP tickets are running out fast, and like last year, it’s expected to be standing room only on the night!

Here’s the 2015 Fashfest Music Lineup:


LIVE: Jack Biilmann
DJ:   Zachary Norman & Rob Van Aalst (MC)


DJ: Ced Nada & Julian Fung (Sax)


LIVE: Mel Jade
DJ: Jemist & Ben Bonnie (Trumpet)

LIVE: Magnifik Feat Kayo Marbilus, Chanel Cole & Cris Clucas
DJ: Mondecreen (DJ & Vocalist Duo)