Furniture and Fashion. Who Is It?

by The Editor


Design is life. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. From the look of our shoes to the shape of our vehicles, to the colour of our coffee cup… this subtle form of propaganda sends continuous signals about who we are and what we love.

Fashion and furnishings will come together this week at Who Is..? A new exhibition at DesignCraft featuring a unique collaboration between local fashion designers Corr Blimey, and the incredible work of Walter Knoll.


A furniture company from Germany, Walter Knoll has a proud history of designing the highest quality furnishings. There’s something about that Teutonic sense of discipline that continually delivers great products, and the strong geometrics present within Walter Knoll’s current range show a great respect for the great Bauhaus and Modernist designers from mid-last century.


Louise de Smet and Steven Wright, the dynamic designer duo behind Corr Blimey have increasingly felt the pull of Germany over the last few years with subsequent trips to Berlin and beyond inspiring their current range ‘Propaganda’.


The first half of the range will be available to peruse at Designcraft, along with a selection of Walter Knoll furniture, from 21 – 28 March at the showroom. The geometric details that run through the Propaganda range are the perfect fit for the furniture, adding an extra element to their shared passion for Germany.


If you feel particularly taken by Corr Blimey’s clothes, you can be measured on the spot!

That sounds like the kind of impulse buy we could get excited by!

Who Is…?

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