Nimble as a Cat? How to Get the Model Walk.

by The Editor


You wonder how they don’t just trip and fall flat on their faces. Truly. We’re talking models here. Models on catwalks, like those who will be applying at the 1 February casting call for Fashfest 2015.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s great when models don’t trip but how do they perfect placing one foot firmly in front of the other, exaggerating their hip movement and exaggerating the movement of their derrieres the way they do?

And what’s it all about anyway? Why don’t models on the catwalk just walk like the rest of us humans?

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We asked Andrea Hutchinson, a former model and co-founder of Fashfest, and Steve Wright, producer of Fashfest, what the score is and why all the fuss.

‘Catwalk modelling actually has its roots in historic stage movements,’ says Steve. ‘Models are portraying character—putting on a real show and entertaining guests. And so they’re trained to walk as though they’re on a tightrope. They imagine a straight line and have to walk that line.’

It ain’t that easy if you must know. Give it a go in your living room. We dare you.

Andrea says models also have to translate fashion for the audience, interpreting what designers are trying to achieve with their collections.

‘So you have models portraying a sexy look, or a playful look, or a strong, confident look,’ says Andrea. ‘That’s why good designers brief their models on what they want. And it’s why models are selected as much as possible for their skill in interpreting creative design. They move their bodies to get the clothes to move in the right way. It’s their job.’


Last year’s model casting for Fashfest was a cracker with more than 160 applicants, including from interstate.

This year, each applicant will once again strut their stuff in front of a judging panel and it’s not just that tightrope trick they’re tested for.

‘At the casting we get the models to walk on a makeshift catwalk several times, in big groups, in small groups and then on their own,’ says Steve. ‘They don’t necessarily walk in big groups during the show but we need to test their ability to synchronise with other models and keep proper spacing with the model in front of them and behind them. It’s important that they be “situation aware” and able to adjust their pace.’

And if that’s not enough to think about, models also have to walk to music, at times in spikey heels, and pose – you know, that bit where they place their hands on their waist or hips, to create yet another exaggerated look. Apparently this shows off their body and the garments. So when you’re giving it a go in your living room don’t forget THE POSE. And be careful not to trip and break your ankle (we won’t be liable).


Fashfest is big on training so the casting is open to models with oodles of experience and those who have little or no experience. But only those who have what it takes will make it through to the four-day runway show.

A fashion show of the calibre of Fashfest is more than just models moving their feet properly and pouting a lot. It’s a total experience for the audience, which includes amazing hair and makeup artistry, lighting and sound, and heaps of other creative input.

So here’s the question. Do you have what it takes to be a model for Fashfest 2015?

Organisers are looking for female and male models (lucky buggers don’t have to wear stilettos), from different nationalities and some plus-size models. All you have to do is pre-register and partake in the craziness. Have fun!


Fashfest Model Call
1 February 2015
National Convention Centre
10.00am sharp

Pre-registration a must: