In a Word – Service

by The Editor


Canberra invokes a few things about the notion of service. Captain Obvious will remind you that the bushy-eyed bush capital is known for its public service, lip service and self-service.

Depending on how well you navigate through the tricky terrain of Personality ‘A’ types, or if you are such a type, this trinity tryst of services can be good, bad, ugly or just downright kooky. No more budgie smugglers! For the love of budgies please!

The current political and other heated and changing climate we find ourselves in is interesting. Don’t you love it how people say ‘interesting’ when they really mean ‘wack’? Useful euphemism.

There are some in the higher ranks of public servitude ‘tude creating a few disservices at the moment. But, I’m no political analyst so I’ll leave that low-hanging fruit for others to pick at.

Politics is just a saucy side serve to the other types of service in our salubrious city anyway.


Canberra’s hospitality scene has always been around, offering delicious cuisine and libation from all corners of the globe. It sat quietly, but confidently by, camouflaged by the sleepy small town veneer, flourishing in recent years with gentrification of Braddon, New Acton and south of the lake, Kingston Foreshore. And even further south, *gasp* Phillip. There’s never been a better time to get into the service industry.

Australian War Memorial

And there’s the War Memorial. A commanding building; a graceful gem embedded at the foot of light-giving Mt Ainslie, overseeing the parade of daily meeting place life.

It’s a symbol of a different type of service altogether, albeit a pesky product of the trinity. I am by no means an advocate for war. I’m a lover, not a fighter. Actually, that’s not true. I’m a fighter too. But ideas and words are my weapon of choice. Something about the pen being mightier than the sword.

Coincidence that ‘word’ is contained within ‘sword’? I think not.

But I do love the War Memorial. It’s ranked 17th in the world and numero uno in Australia (by some sort of credible trip advising source ) in the list of top world landmarks. Take that, Opera House!

Sydney Opera House

I didn’t mean it. Opera House is rad too. Did you know that the Danish architect was inspired by shape and form of a cut up orange peel for the design? What a fruit loop!

I digress.

There’s a humbling silence and smack of introspection as you enter the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. And let’s face it, if war has happened and is happening, it’s only fair and respectful to have a space for reflective recognition of such an enduring endeavor. A good start anyway to inform the masses. Education is key.

The past is a lesson, the present is a gift and the future is hope.

Or some such mumbo jumbo. You’ve been served.