Has the Time Come for Double Denim?

by The Editor

Braddon-Tailors-0Shock. Horror.

Even the most devoted denim fans gasped when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears appeared before the paparazzi in double, trouble, stone-washed outfits. Whatever were they thinking? Ok, ok, perhaps a few fans thought ‘wow factor’ but our bet is most wanted to fade away.

So what’s the real scoop on matching denim outfits? Do you dare wear?

Truth be told it’s on trend. Yup. On trend.

Ralph Lauren recently launched its spring 2015 collection with matching denim jackets and pants for men. Indeed, the iconic designer has gone a step further by adding a third element, the waistcoast, making triple denim all the rage.


Ralph might be a bit late with his launch, however. Here in the nation’s capital, denim suits appeared on the catwalk at Fashfest 2014 and an increasing number are being seen around the traps, tailored by Canberra’s Braddon Tailors .

Pip Morgan, the brains behind the label (lovingly named after one of his fav suburbs), says denim aficionados worship the versatility of the fabric—range of weights, different properties and the full spectrum of blues and blacks. Men and women are stretching beyond mass-produced jeans and having made-to-measure suits tailored as well as shirts, skirts, ties and accessories.

‘What many are looking for is a look of their own, with the best and most comfortable fit possible, so the suit makes a statement,’ says Pip. ‘That’s where we come in. Remember, just like any other fabric, badly made and ill-fitting clothing created with denim is just as ghastly as bad clothing made from wool.’

Pip says denim suits are versatile and for the most part can be worn the same way as a mid-blue suit made of another fabric. Men are wearing them to work, the races, cocktail parties and even weddings. ‘When guests saw our suits on the catwalk, many didn’t realise right away that they were looking at denim,’ says Pip.


Braddon Tailors is an exclusive Canberra stockist of great new indigo union cloth from the famous London Cloth Company. And Pip sources Japanese selvedge denim and American white cone denim, as well as denim from mills that are world leaders in supplying luxury fine cloth, such as renowned Dormeuil, which was established 1847 and operates out of hotspots Paris and London.

The denim Braddon Tailors uses for shirting is light weight and has similar properties to a normal cotton twill, and the denim for suiting is light weight and as easy to wear as a cotton suit or a pair of chino-style pants. The advantages of a Braddon Tailors’ denim suit are the level of detail and manufacturing that enables a fit that is difficult, if not impossible, to get off-the-rack.

Clint Hutchinson, who co-founded Fashfest with wife Andrea, immediately thought ‘have to have one’ when he saw a male model sporting a double denim suit on the catwalk. So he marched into Braddon Tailors’ studio, got measured up and had a suit made which he wore to a family wedding in Switzerland. And if that wasn’t enough, Clint had Braddon Tailors order a bit more denim to have a matching suit made for son Noah (soon to be a year old), which was created by another Fashfest designer, Perpetually Five.

So not only did pant and jacket match, son and bub did too!