Exploring the Wide World – from Civic

by The Editor


What’s that funny black pole with a strange white box on top doing in the Chess Pit in Garema Place?

You don’t even need to be close to find out!


It’s offering anyone hanging out in Civic East free public WiFi until 7pm today. Yup. Free public WiFi.

It’s all part of Canberra’s plan to be the largest free outdoor public network in Australia. A digital ‘happening place’ with 745 access points (400 indoor and 345 outdoor) once the full rollout is complete.

Are you scratching your head and asking what the hidden agenda is? Well, there isn’t one.

This free service will give each user unlimited sessions (you only have to re-connect every 45 minutes) and 100MB a day. That gives you the capacity to be super busy posting around 600 Facebook notices, downloading around 600 photos, downloading 200 of your absolutely fave tunes or sending around 6000 emails. That’s 6,000 emails.


Will the speed be as slow as a snail or as quick as a rabbit? Well, the ACT Government says you can expect the same performance you’d get on an 3G network (uncongested of course). So you can play games, socialise, trawl the net, do some business or catch up on emails without too much stress.

Today’s official launch is about the capital’s Digital Canberra strategy. Chief Minister Katy Gallagher announced the arrival of the new Digital Canberra Website and the government’s partner, iiNet, which will implement the free public WiFirollout across the ACT. This is to make Canberra a city of digital opportunity, create digital networks and partnerships and accelerate our digital economy.

After today’s test run, it’s down to serious business. In October the first area to go live will be from Garema Place to the Convention Centre, round to Gorman House and up to Girrahween Street in Braddon. This will be followed with a staged rollout in other town centres and commercial precincts over 12 months.

So head to the city today and have a go. How? Super easy:

  1. Open your device’s WiFi settings.
  2. Choose <CBRfree WiFi>
  3. Connect and enjoy.

Hungry for more? www.digitalcanberra.com.au