The Rolling Stones in Canberra

by The Editor

Rolling Stones 2

So, OutInCanberra has started a petition to get The Rolling Stones to play in Canberra. Complete madness or a stoke of genius?

It could go either way, to be honest!

Rolling Stones 4


The first question we would have to ask is, “Why the hell not?”

We couldn’t count the times a major act has skipped over Canberra only to play in Sydney and Melbourne – it happens every month.  We’ll happily accept that not every band is appropriate for Canberra, but surely this is an exception?

The most appealing aspect of The Rolling Stones playing in Canberra is the fact they are just so, well… appealing! Your Grandparents probably followed them from their early days in London, while their truly amazing performance as Headliners for Glastonbury last year was a clear demonstration of the band’s popularity for younger music fans.


Rolling Stones 3


To put it simply, Canberra won’t get a better opportunity to prove itself as an appropriate venue for the really big names. If Canberra wants to put itself on Australia’s touring map once-and-for-all, the time is now.

We really like the idea of making this happen up on Federation Mall with the view of the Parliamentary Triangle and Lake Burley Griffin behind it. Sure, there is a bunch of hoops to jump through in terms of permits and approvals via the National Capital Authority, but if the people want it, political will quickly follows.

Could we sell it out? Of course we could. This gig would attract people from across Southern New South Wales, bringing in revenue to a city that is just about to cop a belting as a result of the Federal Budget. Add in to the mix some of the overflow from sell-out concerts in Sydney (the thought of Sydney-siders driving to Canberra for a show is just so delicious!) and hitting 25,000 -30,000 should be a walk in the park.

However that is a concern for later in the year. For now, get involved and sign the petition – go to  and put your name on the list!


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