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Peaking on Adventure Gear

by The Editor

Mont-1-BWMont. ‘Mountain’ in French. Correct?

Not necessarily so.

In our darling capital it’s short for Andrew ‘Monty’ Montgomery, who started an adventure gear label 33 years ago that remains fiercely independent in a world where bigger operations gobble up smaller ones, and that’s just for entree.

Mont Adventure Equipment is homegrown. Yes homegrown. Today it runs a national operation and has international fans too.

This year, for the second time, Mont will be on the catwalk at Fashfest. You’ve got to be kidding? What does adventure gear have to do with fashion? And a red-carpet fashion event at that?

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Spending Time with William, Kate and George

by The Editor

George Up Close BW

Here we are… The Royals (note the capitals) are making their way through a tour of The Colonies. How wonderful it must be for the old guard to travel halfway around the world to marvel at the cultural melting pot so far away fro the dream imagined when first a flag was planted in Botany Bay? One must imagine we live in extraordinary times. Certainly Will’s Grandfather, old ‘Phil the Greek’, wouldn’t quite know what to make of it all.

So, what’s it like to spend time with the Head of State (and the one thereafter)?

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