It’s a Cheeky Business – Tuffys&Tuffetts

by The Editor


It’s a cheeky business taking care of Aussie bums. So many shapes, sizes and, well, we likely don’t need to say much more. Or do we?

Tuffys&Tuffetts is going to be on the catwalk at FASHFEST 2014 to prove they can cover all the bases, with the latest trends, styles and fabrics in 100% Aussie-made undies for women and men  …  of the ‘highest form, fit and function’ according to owner Lisa Nouh.

Does this sound like a bum steer?

Let’s get to the bottom of the matter.


‘Last year we had sexy swimwear, which we styled with bright, colourful puffer jackets from Mont Adventure Equipment,’ says Steve Wright, producer of FASHFEST. ‘Our models had a blast wearing big sunnies, big pieces of jewellery, high heels and warm winter caps. It was hilarious and the feedback amazing, so we thought: “Now what?”’

And that’s where Tuffys&Tuffetts makes its grand entrance. Exactly what is going to go on during their segment of FASHFEST is top secret until Friday 2 May when the models strut their stuff in the biggest fashion event on Canberra’s social calendar.


But (or is that butt?), let’s get serious for a moment.

The origins of Tuffys&Tuffetts is a touching story. Lisa says she decided to form the company when Australia’s iconic clothing brand Bonds decided to manufacture offshore. The decision resulted in more than 1800 redundancies across Australia. The decision was close to Lisa’s heart since her mum had worked at Bonds for years and had formed so many relationships with her fellow workers. Lisa saw first-hand the traumatic effect the decision had on so many families when, suddenly, they were all out of work with no place to go.

Lisa, knowing how in love Aussies are with their bums, decided to take the plunge and open Tuffys&Tuffetts. She employed several of the unemployed workers and started to design and manufacture undies right here in Australia, ensuring safe and ethical working conditions.

Today, the company employs eight staff and sells online, with Canberra one of its hottest markets per capita. Lisa says new products are added to the range about every 10 to 12 weeks to ensure it stays on trend. And the products are all made with Australian cottons.

Tuffys Tuffets 2

And so Tuffys&Tuffetts sells with briefs, boxers, bras, leggings, singlets, shorties, muscle tops and more. With women’s undies, for example, the company sells full cheek undies, half cheek undies, shorties, cheeky buns, g-strings, boylegs, button boxettes, briefs and tangas. Blokes are well taken care of also, including with Australia’s first under-vis (for the ultimate man) and the Truckmate line (singlets 7” longer for tradie and truckies).

For the more sophisticated? The Empire collection (we’ll leave it to you to go online and check this out— And speaking of sophisticated. Tuffys&Tuffetts recently joined up with Haus Models, Fashfest and photographer Leighton Hutchinson to do a shoot with a hot BMW provided by Rolfe Classic BMW.

Tuffys&Tuffetts was launched, with a great deal of attention (for obvious reasons) with NRL Superstar Beau Ryan and former Home and Away Actress Esther Anderson. Does that mean you have to have a buffed bod or perfect B-U-M  to wear the brand?

‘Nope’, says Lisa. ‘We really do cover all bases.’

Tuffys&Tuffetts will be at Fashfest 2014 on Friday 2 May. Fashfest is to be held at the Canberra Airport in beautifully designed space with a massive atrium, stunning architectural design elements and a modern, industrial look (No. 3 Molonglo Drive, Brindabella Park). Tickets: