Fresh Brew – A Preview of ‘Bent Spoke’ Micro Brewery

by The Editor


It was inevitable, really. In Canberra’s hipster-haven of Braddon there was only a matter of time until someone had the good sense to install a craft beer outlet.

(Not that it’s a bad thing!)

We had the opportunity to wander through the besser blocks and gleaming, stainless steel tanks that will soon form into Bent Spoke, the latest venue for one of Australia’s best brewers, Richard Watkins. It’s a venue that is quickly taking shape and, for those in Canberra keen for a brew, this will be like a trip to heaven without having to leave the city’s centre.

The good news is that the venue is only four weeks away, with the main elements almost in place ready for fixtures and fittings to decorate the expansive bar. With 18 taps ready to be positioned front-and-centre there will be certainly be something for everyone.


Fifteen of the taps will feature standard, gas driven beers and two taps will be the old English-style manual draw (you may have seen these at Richard’s previous place of work, The Wig & Pen). The final tap will be for a cider, with the apples crushed in-house. Yum.

And really, that’s what it’s all about here at Bent Spoke: brewing. Take a walk through the upstairs dining area (complete with a menu matching food with the various brews), and you can’t miss the giant kettles that prepare the different beers for the taps and thirsty punters below.

Once the brew is finished, the beer is transferred to the fermenters downstairs for the final stages of production and, once finished, are pretty much ready to be served directly from the storage tanks into the beer lines and into your frosty glass. The whole set-up is fantastic and is designed to provide the freshest beer all the time.


However, for those keen to ‘bend the arm’ after work, it may prove too tempting to enjoy more than one or two before having to drive home. Richard has provided a solution through the availability of two-litre stainless steel flasks that can be filled with one of the beers available for take-way and consumption off-site. The good news is that if you are off to a picnic or barbeque, the flask will stay cold for about four hours, so you won’t be left wanting.

This venue will certainly be one of the missing pieces of the Braddon puzzle, and we can’t wait to drop in for a taste later next month.

Stay tuned!