Dining at 10 Yards Pop-up Restaurant

by The Editor

10 Yards Logo

A. Baker. It’s described by the good folk from Two Before Ten as an artisan bakery, eatery and basement speakeasy bar. However, in preparation for a new space at New Acton, the kids have got together and debuted the A. Baker concept across a couple of pop-up, temporary ventures.

One of those outlets is 10 Yards.

10 Yards Interior

Now, stick with us for a moment – it starts to get a little tricky.

10 yards started as a series of dinners at Two Before Ten cafe in celebration of regional produce. The ’10 Yards’ referred to the local gardens that supplied the primary ingredients for the dinners. It is that original idea that pervades through the restaurant now occupying a space previously rented by an Asian restaurant next to Harvest Cafe in Canberra House.

10 Yards Bar Shot

But what about A. Baker?

Well, that made an appearance at Nishi as a simple and exploratory coffee stand that allowed the brand to be quietly promoted among Canberra’s gourmet set. Like bees to a honeypot, coffee lovers descended upon the diminutive outlet, and the staff were good enough to maintain a genuinely high standard and ensure those that lived and worked in the area were very much aware of what is to come.

And that thing is A. Baker proper – a whole new venue that is currently being finished off in the centre of the New Acton Precinct that will be right next door to the resurrected Parlour Bar. It’s due to be a partnership with the Molonglo Group – the developers of the New Acton precinct – who have created a destination known for edgy venues within a carefully pitched portfolio.

So, to come full circle, it is this future venue, branded the same as a tiny coffee stand whose parent coffee shop (Two Before Ten) ran a series of nights that has led to a pop-up of the same name (10 Yards) to test the systems for A. Baker.

We think that’s how it goes.

10 Yards - Prepping up

In the end, none of this really matters, because until mid-August Canberra has a delightful little restaurant running from Wednesday to Friday without the restraint of an expensive fit-out and an established clientele. The beauty of this situation is that the menu moves fast in keeping with seasonal produce and the whims of the kitchen allowing for ample experimentation.

Meanwhile out on the floor – among the simple though effective tables and room dividers – a dynamic team cuts their teeth under the guidance of Canberra legend Tony Lo Terzo. Having left Italian & Sons to join this new initiative, one can see the smooth confidence of Mr Lo Terzo and the respect paid by his young charges.

Dining at 10 Yards is an adventure in the best Canberra has to offer, be it meat, vegetables or wines. Although only a temporary fixture during the colder months, it is fascinating to view the restaurant as just a single piece of a broader strategy. Be it A. Baker, 10 Yards or a dinner at Two Before Ten we’re getting to enjoy a slice of a much broader picture. Be sure to check it out before it’s off the local menu forever.

10 Yards
Canberra House (next to Harvest cafe)
Dinners: Wednesday to Friday
Bookings: 0409010227