The Final Four at Elk & Pea

by The Editor

elkpea-topTwo weeks ago we dedicated ourselves to the cause of working through Elk & Peas rather fun taco menu.  While it may have taken a couple of sittings, our resolve was unwavering.  Here are the results.

Elk and Pea - Cuatros Tacos

Taco 5: Seared prawns, frijoles, romesco and hazelnuts

First off the rank was the prawn version. Essentially, this was a take on the good ol’ Vietnamese rice paper roll, although with a heavier, smokier flavour thanks to the Romesco sauce. The prawns were cooked to perfection – almost exploding with juices and there was just enough hazelnut to add a lovely crunch.

If it was aresortit would beSan Sebastian in Spain.

Taco 6: Softened and pickled Tofu with cactus, coriander and almond salsa.

One of our commenters, Madeleine, raved about these in the comments section of our previous visit. To be honest, we didn’t share her fervour, although have to admit the tofu was beautifully treated. While the almond salsa provided the excitement for this edition, the cactus was subtle and, thankfully, spikeless.

If it was acartoon characterit would beWile E. Coyote – on a retreat.

Tacos 1

Taco 7: Braised mushrooms, frijoles and herb crema.

We love mushrooms – all mushrooms (and especially Artisan’s mushrooms – but more about that later), and Madeleine was on the money with this one. Here E&P halves tiny button mushrooms, cooks them to an exquisite softness and then lathers them with a herb crema that is so good as to have you asking to lick the bowl. The cabbage saves the whole thing from turning into a delicious, mushy mess. Unfortunately!


If it was adessertit would bean iceream – eaten by a five-year old.

Taco 8: Seared ox tongue and spiced cherry jus

It’s time for the big guns, and around the table a few furtive looks accompanied the arrival of the ox tongue. Any meat cooked well will reveal its talents, and on this occasion the earthy density of the tongue was front and centre. Chewy and slightly grainy, you can be in no doubt you are eating tongue.  The Cherry jus is the masterstroke, cutting through the heavy meat and bringing balance to the taco.  You must. You simply must!

If it was amovieit would beMillion Dollar Baby.

Tacos 2

Well, there you have it.  We’ve now covered the whole gamut of Elk and Pea’s taco offerings, and next time will be asking for the quinoa salad. Get in there with a bunch of friends, order some sort of communal drink (sangria?) and get stuck in to more than a few handfuls of deliciousness.

The Elk and Pea
21 Lonsdale St, Braddon