C Dine. Pioneers of the Kingston Foreshore

by The Editor


When we first heard of Canberra’s latest dining venture – C Dine – we were taken immediately back to a cheesy French revolving restaurant we visited during a trip to Perth last decade.  Fear not, for this is certainly much closer, and definitely more stationary. Importantly, C Dine is the first full blown restaurant to make it on to the water down at Kingston Foreshore.

While Gilt Cafe has come and gone, and the quite superb Wild Duck has done its thing for a couple of years without the benefit of fellow traders, C Dine is the first to plant a flag in the long-anticipated dining and entertainment precinct espoused as the crowning glory of Canberra’s largest residential project.

We’ll not drag the soapbox out again regarding Kingston Foreshore (you can read plenty here), rather we’re willing to take a more positive view of the next six months for the development. Having recently wandered through the quiet streets that sit between Wentworth Avenue and the waterside precinct, we discovered a certain lovely feel heading east from The Waterfront Apartment complex. North-facing dining venues line the lake and marina, and there should be plenty of sun, particularly handy in the cold winter months when being by the water’s edge is perhaps a little less appealing.

Noise may be an issue, particularly with the number of closely-constructed apartments within the area, and it will be interesting to see what sort of conditions have been built into the sales contracts for both the residential and commercial sides of the development.

C-Dine Food

Anyway, C Dine promises us steak and seafood, which should suit the colder and warmer seasons in equal parts. With the partners emerging from Ellacure and the expired Artespresso, we’re likely to have a new restaurant run by those who know how it should be done. The proposed opening date in 21 July, and we’ll report back shortly thereafter with a full review.

Meanwhile, perhaps it really is time to get excited about the Foreshore. With Lonsdale Street Roasters, La Rustica, Max Brenner, Morks and more due to open before the year is over, perhaps finally this fifteen year project is starting to grow up.

C Dining

19 Eastlake Parade
Kingston Foreshore