The 2013 Parliamentary Mid-Winter Ball

by The Editor

Midwinter Ball Header

Ah, the Parliamentary Mid-Winter Ball – possibly THE social event of the year in Canberra, and one that is largely attended by, um… non-Canberrans.

Still, as far as a let-your-hair-down event that celebrates the activities of what the broader Australian public considers ‘Canberra’ to be, it’s one hell of a ‘knees-up’!

So popular is the event, unless you know-someone-who-knows-someone, you’re just as likely to get a seat on the space shuttle as you are a place at a table in the Great Hall tonight.  For the last months, the bars and restaurants have been filled with none-too-subtle hints for tickets as those on the periphery of the political circus vie for a spot in the main event.


As per usual, good manners abide, and all activities are strictly off-the-record once attendees pass through the grand doors into the Great Hall. Last year’s event kicked off with an amazing video featuring an ensemble of pollies grooving to The Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling (trust us, it was better than it sounds!). No doubt the footage has been broken down into individual ones and zeros and scattered out amongst the ether never to be seen again. Who knows what will happen tonight?


But be sure, some money will be raised for a number of charities both local and national – and this is really the purpose of the event. Bob Downe will be the MC, who will stir the crowd up to empty their wallets, however if you’re not popping along tonight but would still like to go bike-riding with Tony Abbott (or something) you can check out all the auction items and place your bids here.

Hey, you could even bid for the scarf our Prime Minister was making on Worldwide Knit in Public Day!

We visited last year so there were plenty of photos for you to flick through. Should you be one of our lucky readers attending this evening, be sure to Tweet often and we’ll RT the best.

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