Spanish Film Festival Opening Night

by The Editor

Spanish Film Festival Poster

Well, the gang at Palace Electric certainly aren’t the kind to let the dust settle.  So far this year we’ve had Italian and German film festivals, as well as an extended season of vintage films running each Sunday  (Stay tuned for more the next free ticket comp soon).  Tonight though, New Acton hosts the opening night of the Spanish film Festival.

Muy bien, hombres!

Una Pistola en Cada Mano

The festival is part of a national tour that will eventually visit seven cities across Australia.  over the course of the next week 22 Spanish films will be shown, ranging from the hilarious to the heartbreaking – and not an Almodovar title or Penelope Cruz vehicle among them! Amazing!

Cheekiness aside, the beauty of these festivals is they allow us to appreciate the breadth and depth of a country’s creativity without necessarily resorting to big name s to sell the film.  Frequent film festival-goers treat them like music festivals – where sometimes the real joy is stumbling across something you’ve never heard of previously and being genuinely surprised by the experience.

Tonight la fiesta kicks off with the comedy Una Pistola en Cada Mano (A Gun in My Hand), along with an after-party featuring Estrella Damm beer and Torres Wines, tapas & live entertainment. Very Mediterranean indeed. 

Tickets are $45 for Palace Electric members and $50 for general admission. You can download the full festival programme here.


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