Help from the Underground 2013 – Wrap up

by The Editor


In a cold winter’s night in June last year, around 500 people shuffled in to a Southside carpark to check out a quickly thrown together event featuring local fashion designers showing off clothes from the Vinnies op-shop.

Huh? What?

HftU - Clinton Hutchinson

Last night we did it all again. Given the hype surrounding the recent FashFest event out at Canberra Airport, a ‘free’ event by the same organisers was always likely to attract a crowd.

But hey, it’s all for a good cause, right?

HftU - BTS

And so it was, that on one of the more miserable days Canberrans have experienced this year, a swathe of locals made their way to a concrete bunker to admire the creative efforts of local designers. Staff from Zoo guided guests to the subterranean venue. Elite Light and Sound were back in control of the… light and sound. Public Bar manned their soup van – doling out mulled wine and soup to unfreeze the fashionistas. Hell, even Fashion TV had cameras set up.

Meanwhile, a whole host of volunteers (not to mention slightly-stressed designers) busied themselves with last minute tasks readying for the start of the show. Public Bar had a raffle for a $2,000 holiday; meanwhile a group of Canberrans raided their wardrobes for a designer pop-up op-shop. It was all happening with a warm vibe that felt a million miles away from the miserable night outside.

HftU - DJ

Eventually – with over 700 people crammed in the venue, Clinton’s father Ian took the microphones as MC to warm up the crowd and set the scene for the event. As Help from the Underground was fundraiser for Vinnies, the crowd was reminded to dig deep for a good cause that helps the local community. The microphone was then handed to the host, Clinton, who is participating in the CEO Sleepout.

HftU - Showtime!

After thanking the sponsors (listed below) for their efforts in putting the event together, Clinton reminded us all that despite the prosperity of the nation’s capital there is a large issue with homelessness in Canberra. In fact, the 2011 census listed Canberra as having the second largest homeless community per capita, with over half being mothers under 25 years of age and their children.

HftU - Pop-up Op-Shop 1

With that sobering reminder of the issues sometimes invisible in our city, it was time to get on with the show and raise some funds for a good cause. The donations continue to be accepted by Clinton for Vinnies’ CEO sleep-out, so if you’re keen to kick in the tin for local Canberrans you can do so here.

Help from the Underground

St Vincent de Paul CEO Sleep-out

Event partners

Bytes and Colours
Clarity Communications
Elite Sound and Lighting
Form Haircutters
Public Manuka’s Bar
Ring and Associates
Zoo Advertising