Card Lust. Just in Time for Mother’s Day

by The Editor

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Whoops! As of today it is almost definitely probably too late to post a Mother’s Day card. Sure, you could chance your arm at Australia Post delivering your envelope among the torrent of packages coming through from ASOS, but you wouldn’t want to risk it , would you?

CardLust Screen 2We’ve previously mentioned Elspeth Tremblay, an ex-Canberran who now has the good fortune to reside in Brooklyn among the fixies and quinoa. Elspeth, along with her fellow-collaborators Sarah Hingle and Felicity Loughrey having been busily tweaking their App Card Lust to contain a few little titbits just perfect for the one who loves you dearest.


We’ve included only a couple of examples – the full range is available via the iTunes Store. CardLust costs only $2 (around the same as posting a card par avion) and is a gift that keeps on giving, with options for all manner of occasions.

Problem solved! Happy Mother’s Day.


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