FashFest -The Penultimate Performance!

by The Editor


Third time is certainly a charm for the organisers of Fashfest. Tonight was another triumph where the fashion spoke for itself, and the crowd was treated to brave, bold, pretty and elegant designs.

FashFest - Showtime

Tonight, it was the turn of SZN, Edition, Dissonance, Karen Lee, 4 Minutes 33, Baku, They Lied. We Can Fly and A.Concept to take their place in front of the enthusiastic crowd. Baku took their third turn, mixing up the frocks, skirts and pants with their fabulous range of swimwear.

Fashfest - Dobbler

As we mentioned last night, one of the major highlights of FashFest has been the live music that has decorated the program each evening.  Tonight was no different, with Doppler getting behind the decks to provide the atmosphere for a Friday night party.  Not his decks, mind you: tonight’s DJ had all his equipment stolen earlier in the day, so was forced to beg, borrow and steal what he could to make it to the show. An incredible effort!

Once the crowd had settled, it was showtime and the second half of FashFest commenced. Our special guest commentator this evening was the marvellous @kbfield

Let’s go!

(Note: if you’re heading to tomorrow night’s show – for comfort’s sake take a jacket. It got a little cool in the concrete construction site)


Models styled with trilbies, army boots, patterned stockings and white face paint wearing pieces made from fabrics scraps and studs and knitted cord, immediately transported us to the territory of the waste dwellers/Lost Boys.

We liked: the almost feral feel of the collection; the wool scrap poncho for the boys, the trapeze dress for girls, the patterned stockings and oh, those shoulder pads.


With a palette of red and grey, Edition showed us just what beautiful silhouettes you can create by draping and folding and turning fabric. Each piece seemed so complicated in it’s construction but the result was pure simplicity.

We liked: that in one dress you hide in never ending pockets, yet in another one could glide around as an ethereal beauty in checked silk chiffon with arms tucked away in oversized sleeves (that could have easily been wings!).


Who doesn’t love a fabric cube –  especially in lime green?  Tonight we saw fabric sculptured into shapes, accenting the body in unconventional places, which resulted in quirky, yet flattering and ever-so wearable clothes (especially fitted trousers with a sculptural accent below the knee).

We liked: the figure hugging jersey dress offset by a bow of fabric cubes, the sheer lime green tulip culottes and, of course, the ball gown with a skirt covered in more cubes.

Karen Lee

Draped, black pieced jersey dresses which called out to the wearer’s sense of adventure to wear it whatever way they want. Often with only one sleeve, but co-ordinated with leggings and arm warmers the effect was striking.

We liked: the endless possibilities that these dresses allow and the semi-knitted scarf with the ball of wool worn on the wrist as a bangle.

4 Minutes 33

The audience had its breath taken away when the first piece – a white cotton tunic with white fabric pieces tucked and sewn on like little flowers – appeared. We saw some perfectly form fitting dresses constructed through the patching of similar fabrics.

We liked: The raw, unfinished, slightly-fraying edges of the fabric that added to the sheer beauty of this collection.


In order to warm up, the models showed us first the range of Mont parkas before braving the cold Autumn evening and removing their jackets completely to showcase the range of swimwear available from Baku.

We liked: that the models were brave enough to remove the jackets completely and show us that there really is a swimsuit for everyone from the tiniest bikini to a modest one piece.

They Lied! We Can Fly

Styled with silver swim caps and comprised mostly of sports fabric, They Lied! We Can Fly gave us jackets with peplums, tunics and skirts with box pleats and silver pants. Hopefully we’ll get to wear some of these in the future!

We liked: the bold use of colour and shape and the black rubber attachments!


This collection started off with a stunning structural coat with built in scarf and shoulder pads to die for. We then moved through a long drape coat with buttoned up sleeves to dresses that – through the use of the draping, braided cord and lace – had a dark and haunting Grecian feel. Each piece only proved to highlight the depth of talent from this designer.

We liked: the braided bustier knotted into place on a sheer black gown.

Again, another varied and high quality demonstration of the Canberra fashion community. Clearly, plenty of standing room tickets were sold today given the noticeably larger crowd for the Friday night event, so if you’re keen to catch the big finale (and you certainly should!) check out fashfest.com.au for further details.

Crowd Shot