FashFest Night Four – The Finale

by The Editor

FashFest - Building Exterior

Wow! Is it really over already? It seems only 80 hours ago we were primed and ready for four nights of local designers and models strutting their stuff in a construction site in the otherwise-silent Brindebella Business Park. Was it a dream? Did the organisers really pull off the impossible of four fabulous nights as a first foray into festivals? Well, we’ve got one more ‘F’ for you…

FashFest - Waiting Crowd

F&$%, yes.

We’re just returned, tired, elated and inspired by what we saw over the first, second, third and finally the final night of FashFest 2013. Tonight, to draw the event to a close, we were treated to Corr Blimey, Aperiodic, U.L.E., M&TM with E4, Scarlette, Shekudo, Baku with Mont and MaterialByProduct. Again, the range went a long way to demonstrate not just the creativity and talent present in Canberra’s fashion community, but also the broad range of styles and materials being explored by the designers.


Tonight’s crowd was an absolute doozy. Clearly the word has spread as over the last couple of evenings the number of people with standing-only tickets has only grown. As with other nights we were treated to a live performance that carried us through the collection, tonight featuring Ashley Feraude and classical violinist Mr Michael who worked as a duo to produce a sound that suited the mood of each designer. Previous appearances by Shotgun Cubs, Safia and Doppler were of equal quality, but the violin added an element that soared throughout the evening.


Okay then, let’s bring this baby home. Again, we’ve got @kbfield casting a keen eye over the outfits on offer.

FashFest-The Runway

Corr Blimey

Commencing with a striking cream coat with structurally puffed sleeves a large round tail and cute little pockets, Corr Blimey lead us into a Northern land where inhabitants wore solid hair pieces and heavy sculptured cream wool coats with bold leather and wool patches.

We liked: the circular feel of the clothes accentuated by bold sculpting and patching


Elegant, draped white dresses with just a hint of red. Separates of red and blush finished off with red dresses accented with red wire sculptures. Such was the diverse and captivating range from Aperiodic.

We liked: the unexpected effect of combining red and blush silk separates for chic daywear and the eyecatching wire sculpture used to great effect on the back of the formal gown (just don’t sit back in it!).


Earthy and organic: hand dyed fabrics in hues of pinks and khakis and browns were bound with solid colours and then pieced together to bring together the most interesting range of wrapped tops and dresses.

We liked: the almost dirty hues of the fabric contrasted with the delicate binding

M&TM & E4 Collaboration

We are in a seedy jazz club where the women are glamorous in their black satin cocktail shifts with double spaghetti straps that drop off the shoulder or their figure hugging hot pants with fringing and lace. The boys wear cropped pants with braided braces and the bouncers look on in jersey hooded tops with leather hoods.

We liked: the hark back to the jazz era with the use of fringing and sky high peacock feather fascinator.


Navy, cream and walnut was the palette used to launch a range of diagonally colour blocked pieces. Shift dresses, cropped tops and pleated mini skirts were all worked up with more colour blocked pieces providing the collection with a visual consistency. Breathtaking.

We liked: the palette and exciting use of colour. Oh, and those cute little cropped tops


A striking patterned pant and jacket combination followed by clothes that took on a much simpler aesthetic. There were highlights of African fabrics and interweaving pieces (in peach and powder blue) which peeked through the fabric that had been cut away.

We liked: the classic white dress with a front panel of African fabric with matching cuffs and the use of bold cutouts in the clothes.


Tonight we saw a glimpse of what Baku offers the boys, with board shorts and curious pair of winged lycra swim pants. We were also treated to further swimsuits from the extensive range for women with more patterns than on previous evenings.

We liked: the Mont jackets which not only looked warm, but come in the best colours.


A truly fitting finale to amazing four nights. The audience was treated to an emotional presentation of designs worn by clients and loyal followers, united by the decorative cladding and silk binding for which MATERIALBYPRODUCT are known. A solo ballet (pas seul?) was performed using a silk drape cardigan as an integral part of the movement.

We liked: the understated elegance of the silk ombre dress scattered with houndstooth motifs worn by Anneliese Seubert.

So there you have it folks. An incredible collection of evenings that are a tribute to the organisers, sponsors, volunteers, designers, models and stylists. Also, congratulations to Canberrans who proved their appetite for an event of this nature by selling out four nights for the first edition of FashFest. Clearly there is an appetite in this city for sophisticated, and well organised events, and we look forward to FashFest 2014 and the myriad of cultural activities that will pepper our diaries until then.


Bravo all! Thank you and good night.