FashFest Phase Two – Bigger, Better and Busier!

by The Editor

FashFest F

We’re just back from our second night at FashFest and can we say, it had all the energy and excitement of last night, and the designs were of an equally excellent standard! Wandering around this evening there was a wonderful mix of first time attendees, as well as familiar faces from last night. So, who’s collections did we witness at tonight’s edition of FashFest 2013?

Clinton, Andrea, Holly and Nathan

Clinton, Andrea, Holly and Nathan

Jenifer Aniela, Sovata, Purepod, Andie Meredith, Gabrielle Everitt, Sofia Polak and Sarah Joseph Couture all made their debut on the airport’s hottest runway. Again, we had a wonderful variety of works from swimwear (Baku was back!) to millinery to high concept design. After last night’s debut, a few creases had been ironed out by the organisers and volunteers, having worked hard to improve on a bold and brave debut. The efforts of the previous 24 hours paid off – the evening felt much more -sure-footed and bodes well for big Friday and Saturday nights.

FashFest - DJ Warms Up

Many who attended on Thursday were amazed by Shotgun Cubs accompaniment to the fashions on display. Tonight was no different, with local outfit Safia bringing drums, keyboards and soaring vocals to provide 45 mins of music that flowed to the mood of the designs on display. The addition of live music cannot be underestimated in its ability to enhance and support the designers at FashFest. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the nights to come.

FashFest - Safia

(Note: if you’re heading to any of the remaining nights – for comfort’s sake take a jacket. It got a little cool in the concrete construction site)

Jenifer Anelia

Transparent silk trains flowed over short hemlines. A watercolour palette worked throughout a collection containing acres of hand dyed silk. Dresses wafted and flowed around spinning models. Asymmetric necklines were a feature – as were the busy, gathered waistlines

We liked: The feminine pastel colours over a base of white provided feminine lightness and stood out beautifully in the construction site setting.


Strong, angular cuts, bold and confident with strong, sweeping lines that flowed from millinery into the dresses – Grace Jones would have bought the entire collection. Sovata provides a bold imagining of head-to-toe racewear.

We liked: The colourful riding gear used as props that enforced the design’s atmosphere of control.


A re-interpretation of 1940’s frocks. The array of classic necklines, headbands and lashings of denim bought us back to post-World War Two American optimism and very much a feeling of We Can Do It!

What we liked: the colourful stockings that enforced Purepod’s post-modern take on fabulous frocks

Andie Meredith

Classic, comfortable and slightly haunting – Andie Meredith’s use of a largely neutral palate (with highlights of blue) gave simple elegance a moody edge – a mature and confident collection.

What we liked: inventive use of shoulder wraps, sleeves and shawls added a functional layer of sophistication that could be added or subtracted with ease, enforcing Andie Meredith’s philosophy of uniting form with function.

Gabrielle Everitt

The Great Gatsby is coming, and Gabrielle Everitt knows it.  Hark back to the 20s and 30s with gorgeous silk dresses matched with knee high socks or lace cuffs.

We liked: the white rope belt wrapped around a blue silk dress looked perfect for a seaside soiree!

Sofia Polak

Bridal gowns meet cocktail dresses in a collection that often had us wondering where the line was drawn. A flowing black evening dress with a lace veil? Don’t mind if we do. Sofia Polak’s collection was at times cheeky, sometimes classic but constantly surprising.

We liked: While cross-referencing can sometimes prove confusing, this was simply clever – and small delicate details kept bringing a smile to our face.


Winter is coming, and the only holiday-makers are now thinking of bikinis. Baku made their show Canberra-centric with a range of parkas from Mont to keep away the Canberra chill.

We liked: Wearing bikinis and sunglasses in Autumn at night offers as string a contrast as one might imagine, but gave the models plenty to play with. Very cute!

Sarah Joseph Couture

The absolute show stopper. SJC began with black lace and ended with black leather and silk that demonstrated fashion as art and that bold ideas are always the most exciting kind. What came between was as exciting and colourful as it was daring.

We liked: The slow parade of the final piece captured the room. Truly a spectacular way the close off the second night of FashFest 2013