The Weekend Cometh: 12-14 April 2013

by The Editor


Time once more to charge headlong in to another glorious weekend.  The Bureau (with their spanky new website) says we’re in for a sunny weekend with temperatures in the mid-20s tending towards showers on Sunday – perfect for taking advantage of Canberra in Autumn.

We’ve prodded through the inbox to check out what’s on offer…

Suffice to say, our email is looking particularly hairy this week.  Most of the activities we have discovered are a bit blokey, however that doesn’t preclude all and sundry from getting involved and joining in.

Craft Beer LogoThe Canberra Craft Beer and Cider Festival

Pull your drinking boots from out of the back of the cupboard, and mosey on down to Mecure Hotel (formerly Olims) in Ainslie for an afternoon boozing in the sun.  Each year this little festival seems to get bigger and bigger, creating a great atmosphere within the courtyard of the heritage listed hotel.  This year, it appears the organisers have shifted the focus slightly, with an added emphasis on ciders, and reinforcing the concept of small batch, boutique beers.

Tickets are still available from Moshtix.  The price of $25 (presale) gets you entry to the event, ten tickets for tasting samples, and a little cup for you to take about with you to be refilled at your favourite brewers’ tent. There will be plenty of live music, and food is on offer.

Let’s consider it a toast to the Centenary. Bottoms up!

Canberra Craft Beer and Cider Festival
11am – 6pm Saturday 13 April 2013
Tickets: $25 Presale, $35 at the door

GWS GiantsAussie Rules at Manuka

Yes, it’s the footy… not something we tend to get involved with to be honest.  However, this is going to be football under lights at historic Manuka Oval on a sensational afternoon.

While an afternoon at a Raiders’ game (rugby league – for the uninitiated) may have you running off to hug your nearest dentist, the crowd at an Aussie Rules game is a lot more friendly. Having never had a team to call their own, Aussie Rules fans tend to treat games in Canberra with gratitude, donning their favourite traditional team’s colours and simply picking a side and yelling for the fun of it.

Tomorrow’s game is what is known as a ‘twilight’ match – which means it starts around 4.40pm and runs until just after 7.00pm.  The good news?  Once it’s all done you’re within five minutes walk of all the Saturday evening delights Kingston and Manuka have to offer.

We’ll cheer for that!

GWS Giants v St Kilda
Manuka Oval
4.40pm Saturday 13 April 2013
Tickets: $22 – $57

The City Plan Logo

While this is not an entertainment option per se, until 1.00pm on Saturday afternoon you have the opportunity to add your voice to the way our city will be shaped.  As part of a series of public consultations across a number of projects for Canberra’s centre, the ACT Government has set up a tent in Civic (on the chess board next to the goon bag!).  Inside is an extensive amount of information of the Bunda Street cycleway, the new plan for London Circuit and the numerous carparks within, and the rather startling City to the Lake concept.

So, if you find yourself in the city tomorrow, take the opportunity to pop in, learn about what our city may look like in the years to come, and have a say.  There are a number of display boards, plenty of pamphlets, and a couple of ways you can express you opinion on the various proposals (including a graffiti wall that is becoming increasingly colourful in more ways than one!).

Regardless of whether you agree with our thoughts, be on the front foot, make your voice heard, have a hand in future decisions (as well as any other anatomical analogies you may wish to consider).


The Yarts

We mentioned earlier in the week there is a couple of creative consortia that have differing – though equally enticing – exhibitions open this weekend.

FIVEFOLD, as the name might suggest, displays the work of five Canberra ladies who create all manner of ‘thing’.  These things are often limited edition or short run projects, so you can be assured of owning a piece that is rather unique. The collective is showing their wares at Lonsdale Street Traders and is open until Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, further up Northbourne, Us Folk Magazine have put together their own event showcasing a dozen or so photographers, illustrators, sculptors and printers.  Titled The Young Ones, the exhibition is centred around some of the freshest talent this city has to offer, much of which is firmly entrenched in analogue traditions. Jump in and check out how the next wave will influence our town.  It’s all very exciting!

Lonsdale Street Traders

Open Thursday – Monday
10.00am until 4.00pm
Exhibition runs until Sunday 21 April

The Young Ones
9-14 April 2013
The Front Gallery and Cafe

If there’s something else our readers may be interested in, throw it in the comments below (keep the shameless self-promotion to a minimum, if you will…)

Happy weekend!