The Weekend Cometh: 5-7 April 2013

by The Editor


Here we go, beautiful readers. It’s time to launch ourselves headlong into the last two evenings of daylight savings. Before you know it we’ll be reaching into the back of the cupboard for gloves, scarves and hats. It’s time though for one last hurrah: let’s see what’s on offer around the Nation’s capital.

Out on the Townie Header

Out on the Townie

Calling all hipsters, groovers and cruisers! After a stunning debut last year that saw a collection of beardies and red-lipsticked beauties take off for a tour of Canberra hosted by Two Before Ten cafe. This Sunday, it’s back, and on offer is a range of activities to suit the post-ironic two-wheel aficionado.

There will be prizes for the best Hipster, Vintage, BMX, Handmade and Peoples Choice bikes on the day, while the cafe itself will be open from 8.00am for coffees and tasty snacks. Breakfast will be served until 1.00pm, with burgers available through the afternoon. If you work up a thirst while indulging in roller racing or the paper plane competition, there will be Zierholz ale and cider to whet your whistle. We think it’s worth hanging around for the Hipster Olympics – this will surely provide endless entertainment while watching any kind of athletic activity in impossibly skinny jeans.

<p><a href=”″>OUT ON THE TOWNIE 2</a> from <a href=””>Sixth Row</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Out on the Townie 2
Sunday 7 April – 11.00 to 5.00pm
Two Before Ten Cafe
Canberra House, Civic
Entry: Free


Auto Italia 2013

Beautiful cars set inside the Parliamentary Triangle.  What more could you want?

We know, we know: Cars. Who really cares?  Well, no reason you should really – except for the fact the Italians tend to do something rather different with their primary mode of transport. Reliability is out the window, value for money is up there with a Chanel handbag and somehow – through the artists of design houses such as Pinninfarina and Bertone – sheets of metal sweep, curve and pinch in a way that is, well… rather sexy.

So, head up to the lawns in front of Old Parliament House on Sunday and step into a world where Toyota Camrys do not dare to tread. The passion and hot-blooded nature of Italians translates directly into these red coloured cars. It’s over the top, irrational and exuberant – just like the country itself.

Auto Italia 2013
Old Parliament House Lawns
Sunday 7 April
Entry: Free


Parties at the Shops

Parties at the Shops – Narrabundah

Oh, what a wonderfully eclectic little suburb Narrabundah is. It’s almost like a microcosm of Canberra, where Jerrabomberra Avenue provides an almost impenetrable barrier between two very different cultures. Still, gentrification is happening, and now some of our favourite restaurants can be found in ‘Bundah – namely D’Browes, La Cantina and the rather glorious Artisan. Gastronomic cravings aside, this weekend the centenary circus of suburban celebration arrives on the more bohemian side of the strip – promising live music, art, food, plants, craft, and (importantly) cake.

(What a shame we missed the Charny Carny a couple of weeks ago.  Now, that would have been a knees-up!)

Parties at the Shops: Narrabundah
Kootara Crescent
Saturday 6 April 10am -2pm
Entry: Free




Who hasn’t ROFLed and LOLled at the annual offerings of Eurovision?  It’s essentially high camp from seemingly 3,000 countries compressed into a three (five?) hour event. Oh, the strange costuming! Who would have imagined Cyprus might vote for Greece? Strangely, though these shenanigans are as predictable as the host’s jokes falling flat, the fact it happens only once every 52 weeks means it’s always fun to indulge once more.

But what about us poor Aussies who remain stuck 16,000kms (and as many time zones) away? Where’s our chance to cast a vote? Well, here’s your opportunity as Eurobeat, performed by local outfit Supa Productions, provides over-styled hosts presenting 12 ‘acts’ from all over Europe. The contestants sing, the crowd gets to vote, and the drama unfolds as the results are announced. It’s all as silly as it is engaging – which pretty much means an authentic experience.

ANU Arts Centre
Until 20 April


Aside from these tidbits there is plenty more on offer (including an Open Day at the amazing Australian War Memorial on Sunday). If there’s something else our readers may be interested in, throw it in the comments below (keep the shameless self-promotion to a minimum, if you will…)

Happy weekend!