FashFest Designer Profile – Alice Sutton (Edition)

by The Editor

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This article is part of an ongoing series showcasing local fashion designers who will appear at FashFest from 1 – 4 May 2013.

Designer Profile 4 – Alice Sutton (Edition)

Image:  Leighton Hutchinson

Image: Leighton Hutchinson

It;s fantastic to se that sustainability is an increasingly important part of fashion design. in the days of 5 dollar garments from China, Alice Sutton and her label, Edition, take a much more susatainable view of what fashion can (and should) be. Focusing on the philosophy of Selvedge 2 Selvedge. Alice explains:

The Selvedge 2 Selvedge pattern making philosophy explores the system of zero waste which is a system which incorporates the whole piece of cloth. The cloth of a garment is often forgotten in the final garment, this system introduces a meaningful relationship to cloth lost in production. Each garment is embedded with stories; these stories are told by the designer which is interpreted into the Selvedge 2 Selvedge philosophy. This philosophy is a means for discussion into the role of zero waste design and the importance of a more sustainable fashion industry. editionalicesutton.com

Edition - CatwalkImage: Andrew Sikorski
Model: Kate Cooper
Make-up: Canberra Makeup Academy
Hair: Rhubarb and me Salon

Alice’s use of long sweeps of fabric and simple panels embodies this philosophy. As you will see in the images and Alice’s responses below, this philosophy is deeply embedded in edition’s designs.

1. My name is: Alice Sutton

2. My label is called: Edition

3. I graduated in: 2011 from the Canberra Institute of Technology with a Bachelor in Fashion Design.

4. The theme of my collection started with looking at the Old Yarralumla Brickworks and the different experiences people had there. Many people had ghost stories and other eerie adventures while exploring the rundown building. The ghost stories are the starting point for the mood and concept of the collection.

5. The next challenge I face is: designing and making the collection! Making a collection come together takes time and patience.

Surround capeImage: Kent Marcus
Model: Katie van den Bos
Hair and Make-up: Hayley Boyle

6. As a child, my favourite object was: my Jenny doll. I could dress her up and my Nan would make clothes for her.

7. The craziest item I’ve ever designed was: a cape/dress for the Fashionably Early Canberra parade that was on last year. The poor models hands were trapped inside the garment, difficult to do anything but she made it work!

8. My biggest personal fashion regret is: a garment that doesn’t fit right. It makes you focus on the fit as opposed to the garment itself.

9. I’m inspired by: everything around me, buildings, stories, the landscape, emotions. Even the smallest things you see might connect to something else from years ago and create the starting point for a collection.

10. A model I would like to work with is: Samantha Harris, but really there are so many stunning models! Also, she is Australian and her look is quite unique.

Cocoon cape 2Image: Kent Marcus
Model: Katie van den Bos
Hair and Make-up: Hayley Boyle

11. A designer I would like to collaborate with is: So many! I think that collaborating is fantastic and would never give up the opportunity if I was asked. I would love to collaborate with painters, jewellers, graphic designers, anyone really! When you collaborate you learn so much about other designers practices and their process.

12. The most challenging material I work with is: silk. In some of my pieces I use binding and silk and the combination is very time consuming.

13. My favourite part of Canberra is: It’s too hard to name just one! I love the balloons, Mount Stromlo and how much space there is!

14. If I weren’t doing this I would be: Maybe an Interior designer, something along the same lines as fashion. It’s all I’m good at!

15. One thing I’ll never understand is: how parking inspectors always get my car!

Cutworm dressImage: Kent Marcus
Model: Katie van den Bos
Hair and Make-up: Hayley Boyle

16. If my designs were a holiday destination they would be: Somewhere cold as my pieces are designed to layer, usually dark colours and winter collections are my favourite.

17. A fashion trend that should never return is: fluro. It doesn’t flatter anyones body!

18. Someone who is always well dressed is Sarah Blasko. She wears garments that are simple but with beautiful detailing.

19. The last thing I read was: Marie Claire – interesting and current.

20. Love my work? You can buy my designs at: Department of the Exterior boutique in Manuka and Swoon boutique in Melbourne.

Trap skirtImage: Kent Marcus
Model: Katie van den Bos
Hair and Make-up: Hayley Boyle

The contact details.
Website: editionalicesutton.com
Email: alicesutton@live.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/Edition.alice.sutton
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/profile/

Cocoon cape

Image: Kent Marcus
Model: Katie van den Bos
Hair and Make-up: Hayley Boyle