The Weekend Cometh: 22 – 24 March 2013

by The Editor

Weekend Love

Well, as usual, there is plenty happening in Canberra this weekend.  Let’s take a look at a couple of activities to satisfy your eyes, ears and stomach.

You are Here Logo

You Are Here

The You Are Here festival has been spectacular success this year, with a wide variety of performances and activities in a whole range of off-beat locations. The programme, which is available from the You Are Here website, details what activities are happening today, tonight, Saturday and Sunday 24 March 2013. At lunchtime today you can listen to an audio play about a nail salon – while getting your nails done at Talon Salon, settle in on the couch at Smith’s Bookshop for some post-work video clips at gRAGE, or dance your week’s cares away while shakin’ yo’ booty at No Lights, No Lycra tonight.  The party continues tomorrow and Sunday, so make sure you get involved and don’t miss out.

You Are Here Festival
Mostly free
All over the city

Ben & Jerry's 1

Open Air Cinema – The Sundae Sessions

Ben and Jerry’s are in town.  Is that your thing? Admittedly we’ve been tucking in to a bit of their product since it went on sale in Canberra earlier this year, but now they’re working to raise the profile of their ice-cream via sponsorship of the Sunday edition of Canberra’s own Open Air Cinema.  While tonight has the new release film Safe Haven and tomorrow rocks out with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the big gun, bought to you by Ben and Jerry on Sunday afternoon is none other than Top Gun.

Tickets range from the bargain basement $17.00 to the gold standard VIP experience with blankets, bean bag and lots of ice cream.  You can grab your tickets here, and it all starts at 4pm with live music leading up to the screening at 7.30pm.

Sundae Sessions
Canberra Open Air Cinema
Acton ‘beach’
Tickets: $17 – $45

BMA Logo

Last, but by no means least, there’s a treat in store for those who are either new to Canberra, or have spent more than a couple of years wandering the streets in the night hours.

This afternoon, BMA launches their latest exhibition Canberra at Street Level at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space in Gorman House. It promises a history of the Canberra entertainment scene over the twenty-odd years of the local street press’ glorious history.  While every edition of BMA will be on site (all 413 if you don’t mind!), we’re really looking forward to seeing all the old gig posters, and taking a walk down memory lane with the ghosts of lead singers past.

For romantics of the indie scene, apparently the old chalkboard from Toast will be on display.  We’re curious to know if anyone has managed to dredge up some relics from the time when U2 supported Sherbert at the ANU Bar.

All will be revealed this afternoon.

Canberra at Street Level.
11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Friday 10am to 4pm Saturday
22 March – 6 April
Canberra Contemporary Art Space
Gorman House,