Running Down the Rabbit Hole: You Are Here Festival 2013

by The Editor

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So, you know how sometimes when maybe you’ve had too much coffee or perhaps you’ve just not had enough sleep and you find yourself rambling on with no end in sight and you just keep talking without drawing a breath because maybe you’ve just been through an incredibly stimulating and exciting experience that you want to tell everyone about but you can feel your lungs running out of air but you still want to push on…?

Well, that’s how we felt after reading through the programme for You Are Here 2013.

Walt and Mazz

It’s back for a third year – bigger and brighter than ever. Holy Burley Griffin there is a lot of stuff going on, and we mean: A. Lot. Of. Stuff. The programme, which is available from the You Are Here website, details a plethora (yes, plethora) of activities that are on from today until Sunday 24 March 2013.

What’s yer bag, baby?”  We love the idea to reinvent the old Fletcher Jones store into the Festival Hub. This space will morph as a creative venue for everything from the footloose and fancy-free No Lights, No Lycra, to a theatrette for THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE EVER MADE!

For those who have been around for more than a few years, the Eulogy for a City will either bring a tear to your eye or drag up memories perhaps best (or alcoholically) forgotten.  This will tour around the city and talk of the cafes, bars, restaurants and venues, dedicating poems and ditties to the ghosts of the previous young and groovy.  Doubtless many of which they speak will be home somewhere in the suburbs watching Heartbeat.

MC  Allan Sko - On a Toilet

MC Allan Sko – On a Toilet

Also, like some kind of Inception version of festival programs, the now bi-annual Art, Not Apart events take place within the New Acton precinct on Saturday from 12.30pm until late. One part we’re looking forward to is the Sound and Fury basement mini-festival (!) with a 9 hour program of performance art, experimental sound, film, poetry and dance followed by live music and an absinth bar and, if you drink enough of the green fairy, possibly Leonardo DiCaprio as well. Sound and Fury runs from 4.00pm until 1.00am

The greatest part of this is it’s free – all FREE. You can simply stroll up to the meeting point or venue and look nervously at your co-spectators before finding yourself lost in an experience that morning you may couldn’t possibly have foreseen.

Image: Pia Johnsom

Image: Pia Johnsom

It’s a money back guarantee, folks! Even if you had to pay, we think you wouldn’t dare ask for a refund, – you’ll be captivated by this little-big-festival-that-could that lays all its cards on the table, will couch any idea, but remains hard as nails.  Get on board, join in and encourage the efforts of all involved. We’re excited! Can you tell???

(Oh, see you at breakfast!)

You Are Here Festival
Various venues across the city
Thursday 14 – Sunday 24 March 2013
Official Website